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So… yeah.

Posted in former slut, minx with tags , , , , on August 12, 2008 by evilminx

So, here i am, bumbling along in my usual manner, happy as a clam, blonde as a bombshell and minxy as.. well, a Minx.

Life is good. Sorry i can’t paint you the angst-ridden pictures of yore, but hey, shit happens, and that’s the way it is right now. And long may it continue.

In recent news: the bosshole finally got his comeuppance. I didn’t send the letter, much as i wish i’d have had the guts to, but Karma was on my side and i got a new and much more interesting and better paid job, so I resigned and things are looking up.

It’s the Summer, also, and the entire Minx brood are off away for some fun in the sun. Fun, as far as I’m concerned, comprises lying prostrate on a sun bed, slathered in Factor 45, listening to my iPod and ignoring my children. And CH come to that. Just call me “Beached Whale” — it’s a fair comparison.

I love reading my stats, and i’ll be looking forward to seeing who came here between now and my next post. I showed them to CH last week, he was amused to see quite how far-reaching some of them are. From Japan, to Uruguay (I know!), to the good old US of A. And all over the States, too — from California to New York to Florida to Rhode Island to Georgia to Oklahoma… and the list goes on.

Fucking big, the US, innit?

Anyway, this is just a ramble to say that I’m still alive and kicking. When i come back from holiday, i’ll be more prolific in posting. Promise.

Be good, y’all.