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Non-Rant in J minor

Posted in minx with tags , , , on August 10, 2008 by evilminx

I’m taking shameless advantage in owning my own blogspace to come out now in my full support for Jefferson. I’m not sure how much good it will do, since i am not the most prolific blogger, nor do i have the widest audience. However, my readers have known me for a long time, and know me well enough to know that I don’t engage in blog drama easily, nor do I jump on bandwagons for the sake of it. Ergo, i urge you to take me seriously here.

Let me show you this:

This is a legal defense fund started up by some good souls who wish to help Jefferson raise some money so that the issues at stake can be discussed fairly in court. Currently, regardless of what he drinks or who he fucks, he simply does not have the resources to represent himself adequately within the US legal system, and to lose his kids because he doesn’t have that kind of money is outrageous.

I noticed that many people commenting elsewhere — and i will not dignify such places with a link — made much of his “not being able to hold down a steady job”.

Excuse me the fuck what? So he’s not — like me — a corporate whore. I compromise my artistic soul so that i can afford to live — but i have great difficulty living with said compromise. Hence this blog. Hence also many of my problems and issues and affairs, lest we forget, over the last few years. Not an excuse, but certainly a catalyst.

Jefferson is not a close friend of mine, although I’ve “known” him a long time. We’re friends, in a kind of “I’m best mates with a bunch of your best mates” kind of way. He’s only ever been courteous, polite and friendly to me, and these friends of whom I speak think very highly of him. And since I think very highly of them, there’s a level of respect i have for him as a person, plus a very high level of admiration for him as a writer.

His lifestyle is his business, and his alone. I enjoyed reading about it. It was clear from his blog that not only is he a dedicated and caring parent, but that certain parties opposing him in this legal battle should have checked the strength of their glass houses before they began throwing stones. Money can’t buy a reputation. Was it wise to be so bold in writing about such a wild and varied sex life in the same breath, if not the same space, as writing about his kids? I don’t know. And frankly — it’s not about me, so it’s not my place to comment.

If you have been privy to the back-and-forth arguments regarding this whole affair (unfortunate term to choose, but hey — shoot me) and do not wish to contribute — don’t. I simply think it’s a shame that his children should be adversely affected NOT because a judge examined both sides of a fairly-presented case and ruled him unfit to have shared custody, but rather that lack of cash prevented Jefferson’s side from being represented fairly at all. One thing I do know is that kicking a person when they’re down is just not right. It sickens me to see how many have chosen this precise time to do that to Jefferson, especially bearing in mind precisely who has thrown their hat into the ring for this particular round of accusation-hurling.

I wish him luck with his appeal, his lifestyle and sorting himself out. And i extend my unmitigated support to him, here publicly, as i did via email offline and privately.

By the way, comments are turned off intentionally. There’s been quite enough shit flung regarding this issue in my opinion. Above is the link, if you want to contribute. If you don’t, don’t. All i am doing is helping out — which is all I would expect anyone to do for a friend in need.