Back, and newly-employed

I am BACK!

Yes, fresh from the poolside recliners and chlorine-impregnated waters of Blackpool-on-Sea-Except-Abroad, i am here. Much has happened in the life of the minx, and it behooves me to fill you in… and I will. Calm yourselves. Patience.

Or as I once said to a friend at 3.00 a.m. “Easy, tiger.”

So, you’ll remember the Bosshole. And the Letter. The one I didn’t send. In lieu of sending the Missive of Fuckyouness that i wrote with such pithy (and pissy, come to that) ire, I sent something else instead. My résumé. To many people.

I had tired, you see of my Former Occupation. I used to do something Technical, and i wanted to be able to use the skills I’ve been honing by blogging for y’all, and earn substantial sums of money doing so. Well, not all the skills. I can’t find a way to earn the living that will keep me in the style to which I’d like to become accustomed, that’s legal, or possible during the hours i have in which to work (i.e., the hours where the young Minxette and Manx are otherwise occupied). So it seemed as though I needed to stay within the world of IT, which meant finding a company who would take a chance on an albeit talented writer, who — on paper, at least — had nothing in the way of marketing writing experience.

Well, i couldn’t show them this blog, now, could I? You think they’d be able to read this and then keep a straight face during a team meeting?

Of course not.

Anyway, i found a company and showed them some of my more vanilla writings, and they hired me. I started this week, and so far, so hoopy.

To quote the utterly fabulous Eddie Izzard, “So… um… yeah.” Or maybe I already said that? Either way, things are looking up.

Oh! And most important of all… I have decided to venture into the realm of being a professional author, and get some of my creative stuff published. Apparently there’s a name for the kind of fiction i write: Flash fiction. Or, in my case, flash erotica. It’s a fairly descriptiive name in that it refers to fiction that is no longer than 1000 words or less, even. THis is incredibly good news for me because the way I write naturally lends itself to that phenomenon. NOt that I couldn’t write a longer story, say, or even a novel or a play, I’mn sure i could; but  the way my life works, I simply don’t have the time and space to do that.

In truth, I’d always believed that I was simply undisciplined, but apparently it’s an art form. Or something. Either way, wish me luck. Any and all tips are welcome, because i could use some sound advice.

More soon, folks, and this time it involves food…


2 Responses to “Back, and newly-employed”

  1. Beats earning a living on your back.

    But that’s a thought — I’d rather be a gigolo than what I’m doing right now.

    I’ll talk to the wife about it….

  2. Hey You. Sorry I haven’t been around in a while. A long while. *sigh* I’m glad you found an outlet for your writing. You deserve to make money off of it. Wish I could make money off of my slop.


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