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I have to go now.

Posted in minx with tags on May 6, 2008 by evilminx

Well, my faithful friends and loyal readers, it has finally happened.

I came clean to CH about (just about) everything. I was forced to, I admit, by the wife of an ex who coerced a confession out of me, using tricks.

And yes, i was a guilty-as-shit sap. So i guess that for her, it was pretty easy.

I am so fucking glad though. To end all the lies is just a joy. I came clean and to hs enormous credit, CH wants us to try and work things out. 100% honesty from hereon in. And I realised that I really need to try and get the love back. The fact that I couldn’t actually walk away when handed the opportunity meant that there was still something there, more than affection, if less than the all-consuming passion of first-love. He still loves me. I still love him on some fundamental level — amd I owe it to him to get that love back for him, but by really trying this time.

So no more secrets. No more lies. No more secret blogs — this is remaining as is, and the other has gone. Openness and revelation. I will joyfully hand him the key to my new blog, dangling at the end of a red satin ribbon.

However, there is still a need for some discretion. The ex of above mentioned wife is a vindictive nasty person and is intent on harassing and stalking me. And this is in real life, people. Not blog crap. Real. Fucking. Life.

I could just spit.

So, to my faithful readership, i will happily provide my new location. My email addresses may have been compromised, so I ask that you leave me a comment here, which i won’t publish, but I will respond to. If you want to ask me something that only I, and not an impostor, would know the answer to, go ahead. I’m game.

What I will write about there, heaven only knows. But it will be, as ever, about sex, love, life, and the little petty annoying things that bind us together as a community and make us collectively shake a fist in the air, and swear like a sailor.

The Minxdom is closed. But the Minx will live on, elsewhere, as a new chapter of her life unfolds.

Big fat snoggy kisses —