To move or not to move?

I’m thinking of moving the Minxdom over to WordPress…

Now is your chance to influence my decision. Should I or shouldn’t I? I know all the technical reasons why WordPress is both better and worse than Blogger, but let’s just say that for me it might be easier for various reasons.

However, being the kind and caring soul that I am, I’d love your buy-in. Leave me a comment giving me your own personal opinion as to whether I should or shouldn’t move. I mean, i hate packing with a vengeance, but I’m also getting more’n a little ticked off at Google and Blogger.

Again, for various reasons.

New post coming soon, either way. Don’t hold your breath, or anything, but it might just be something good. Perverted. Sexy…

Or not. You know. Whatever. Heh.


4 Responses to “To move or not to move?”

  1. 2amsomewhere Says:

    ‘Tis all the same to me, since I track updates to weblogs with an RSS reader. I would recommend that you look into accounts of others’ migration experiences to see where the pitfalls might be. Here is one such example:

    Moving from Blogger to WordPress: Best Practices

    I think it would be a good idea to migrate your Blogger posts and such over to WordPress so that those who would like to read the back story have easy access.

    Good luck, whatever you decide.


  2. Dirty Debbie Says:

    I know what you mean. I considered for a while too, but was afraid I didn’t have the technical know how or time to do it 2 1/2 years of posts and pictures to wordpress worried me.

    I’d be interested in hearing what your pros and cons are and what you are fed up with in regards to Google.

    If you do move just be sure to let all of us faithful readers know where you are.

  3. Miz BoheMia Says:

    Hey, anywhere you go, I shall most definitely follow!

    I knew not you were back!!!

    I have read up and caught up and am so sorry to hear you are still stuck in that which you so wish to escape…

    Read “Excuse me, your LIFE is waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn. A good friend of mine sent it to me which is the only reason I read it what with the cheesy title and all… changed my life and I KNOW it will do the same for you…

    Bottomline, go after what you want in spite of everything else and everyone else happening full force around you… you deserve it and not only will you be doing yourself a favor but your loved ones too!

    May you be well my dear Minxy and know that you are always on my mind…

    YAY on being back! WOOH!!!!

  4. Miz BoheMia Says:

    Happy New Year sweet Minxy… may this finally be your year!

    All my love always…

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