Minx: So tell me about the coffee dude. Was sex discussed? Had?

AAG: Well, he got me all wet in the coffee place by showing me his g-spot stroking technique on my palm.

Minx: Um… AAG? If a man can make you wet by stroking your palm… fuck him senseless.

AAG: Oh honey, a stiff breeze makes me wet. YOU make me wet. Everything makes me wet.

: I do? Cool.

AAG: Ice cream makes me wet.

Minx: Ice cream makes any woman in her right mind wet.

AAG: I once made a caramel sauce that practically made me come!

Minx: OK, now I’m wet.

AAG: hehehehe

Minx: this is another conversation that we have to blog

AAG: I was thinking the same thing. You take this one!

: I’m ROFLMAO here. You’re too kind. Will do it now.

AAG: Good! Well I’m wiped. I gotta zzzzzzz — after all that palm rubbing…


8 Responses to “Wet”

  1. Curvaceous Dee Says:

    *is extraordinarily amused* And why am I not surprised that you make AAG wet? You certainly do for me 🙂

    xx Dee

  2. AlwaysArousedGirl Says:

    “He made me all wet in the coffee place” makes it sound like “the coffee place” is a euphemism for my pussy.

    You make me giggle, Minxy. So glad we’re friends.


  3. ArtfulDodger Says:

    I’m wet… but that’s only because it is raining.

  4. You and AAG should come over. I’ve got plenty of good ice cream and I’ll warm up the fudge sauce.

  5. Dirty Filthy Princess Says:

    This is figgin hilarious. Carmel sauce… now I’m wet. Doh… must go to work…

  6. LMAO, oh that is hilarious.

    i swear i am always wet, not for any reason that i am a slut.


  7. Lady Roxanne Says:

    gawd damn thats hot

  8. Indeterminacy Says:

    Looks like palm readers get all the girls.

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