And another thing….

Happy Passover to my Jewish-identifying readers. Yo bitchez. Pass the matzo, dude.

An early happy Easter for those who identify with resurrection and fluffy chickies. (No, that does not mean Always Aroused Girl in a marabou-trimmed thong and her trademark lovely smile.)

Whether you eat chocolate that is kosher for Passover, or chocolate pieces that once made up an outsize egg-shape, containing all kind of goodies that you stole from your niece/nephew/brother/daughter… enjoy it, and think of your Minx. I love you all.

In fact, you know what? Do that any and every time you eat chocolate. Because… well, just because.

I’m all about the multi-culturalism, me. Enjoy, y’all.



5 Responses to “And another thing….”

  1. Madeline Glass Says:

    oy, holiday of leftovers. who can be hungry after all that knaidelach?

    i ate a jellied fruit slice and thought of you.

    (actually, it was whilst pounding the crap out of walnuts with a rolling pin to make charoset. and it wasn’t you i was thinking of…)

    bam! bam! bam!

    chag sameach, eemaleh.

  2. Al Sensu Says:

    I made the best matzo balls ever this year. Keeping that recipe. I think the secret was schmaltz and seltzer.

  3. Passionate Man Says:

    “pshaw” to “multiculturalism”, sexy.

    But I hope you had fun!

  4. Minerva Says:

    Hey sweetie,
    Happy whatever, thinking of you as always..

    May you get through it …


  5. Lady Roxanne Says:

    happy holidays..

    hopefully you have some great fun..

    you know how fun chocolate is..

    Love ya babe

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