Still here

Still here. Still married. Still suffocating.

I’m waiting until after the celebrations and family of this month have subsided. And then, dear hearts, this foot is goin’ down.

He has to go. He has to get up and leave me the fuck alone before i spontaneously combust. And he will only do that when i get wicked medieval bitch crazy on his ass.

So, you know, I’m gathering my strength and resources.

I apologise if i disappoint on the writing front. But sometimes real life is more important than blogging. I ask your patient indulgence.



6 Responses to “Still here”

  1. Passionate Man Says:


    Now I feel better. Glad you’re on course.

    It’s gonna be rough, but you’re strong. Don’t hesitate to lean if you can use some support!

  2. Minerva Says:

    Hey Darling,
    Wondered where the hell you’d been..
    Thinking of you and always here, in person and in emotion, if you need me,


  3. Miz BoheMia Says:

    You deserve to be happy sweet friend and I am glad you have found the strength to fight the fight in order to get what you truly deserve!

    Sending all the “stay strong” vibes I can muster and many neshikot!

  4. ArtfulDodger Says:

    Always thinking of you sweetie and honestly, if you are really gonna get “wicked medieval bitch crazy” on his sorry ass, whoa, he has no idea. 😉 Much love Minxy.

  5. Al Sensu Says:

    U go girl!

  6. BeckoningChasm Says:

    No apologies necessary. You need to do what you need to do.

    (Yes, I have been on the Away Team for awhile…)

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