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Posted in minx with tags on April 14, 2007 by evilminx

Minx: So tell me about the coffee dude. Was sex discussed? Had?

AAG: Well, he got me all wet in the coffee place by showing me his g-spot stroking technique on my palm.

Minx: Um… AAG? If a man can make you wet by stroking your palm… fuck him senseless.

AAG: Oh honey, a stiff breeze makes me wet. YOU make me wet. Everything makes me wet.

: I do? Cool.

AAG: Ice cream makes me wet.

Minx: Ice cream makes any woman in her right mind wet.

AAG: I once made a caramel sauce that practically made me come!

Minx: OK, now I’m wet.

AAG: hehehehe

Minx: this is another conversation that we have to blog

AAG: I was thinking the same thing. You take this one!

: I’m ROFLMAO here. You’re too kind. Will do it now.

AAG: Good! Well I’m wiped. I gotta zzzzzzz — after all that palm rubbing…


And another thing….

Posted in minx with tags on April 2, 2007 by evilminx

Happy Passover to my Jewish-identifying readers. Yo bitchez. Pass the matzo, dude.

An early happy Easter for those who identify with resurrection and fluffy chickies. (No, that does not mean Always Aroused Girl in a marabou-trimmed thong and her trademark lovely smile.)

Whether you eat chocolate that is kosher for Passover, or chocolate pieces that once made up an outsize egg-shape, containing all kind of goodies that you stole from your niece/nephew/brother/daughter… enjoy it, and think of your Minx. I love you all.

In fact, you know what? Do that any and every time you eat chocolate. Because… well, just because.

I’m all about the multi-culturalism, me. Enjoy, y’all.


Still here

Posted in minx with tags on April 1, 2007 by evilminx

Still here. Still married. Still suffocating.

I’m waiting until after the celebrations and family of this month have subsided. And then, dear hearts, this foot is goin’ down.

He has to go. He has to get up and leave me the fuck alone before i spontaneously combust. And he will only do that when i get wicked medieval bitch crazy on his ass.

So, you know, I’m gathering my strength and resources.

I apologise if i disappoint on the writing front. But sometimes real life is more important than blogging. I ask your patient indulgence.