Crappy anniversary

Yes, as of today, CH and I have been married for 9 years.

Please god this will be our last anniversary together as a married couple.

I can’t bear it any longer.


18 Responses to “Crappy anniversary”

  1. Indeterminacy Says:

    I wish you a better situation before the next anniversary comes around. When it comes time to move on, I almost never had the courage – but I wish it to you.

  2. Amen.

  3. ArtfulDodger Says:

    Look on the positive side:
    • That’s less than a decade!! Yeah!
    • You made it past the seven year itch!! Yeah!
    • No one can say you didn’t give it a chance! Yeah!
    • … ok, I’m out of positives. Yeah!

    Seriously though, the important thing is to get away and get your own life back. Wishing you the best as always. 🙂

  4. Jeeze

    EVERYBODY is getting divorced it seems O_o

    For what it’s worth, I know what it’s like to go through one.


    Sorry, girl. But there will be a great reawakening in the future :o)

  5. Oh Minx…
    So sorry to hear the despondency..
    So very unlike you…

    Thinking about you loads, and huge hugs,


  6. Passionate Man Says:

    I know what you mean.


    And Art’s right…at least it’s less than a decade you’ve wasted…like I have.

  7. I can’t wait till mines over too. Been way too long, much longer than yours.

  8. I went through one years ago. Even though is was the BEST thing that ever happened to me (well, of course, the best AFTER the births of my children and meeting/marrying current hubby), it still stucked at the time. However, I can promise such bigger and better things are waiting for you. I’m so much happier than I EVER thought I would be. You only live once, be HAPPY. I’ll keep you in my thoughts. Be strong.

  9. Thought I’d check in on my favorite Minx. Going that well, huh?

  10. AlwaysArousedGirl Says:

    Yeah, I’ll likely have another one before it’s all said and done. Ick.


  11. I agree with Art, at least if anyone asks they can’t say that you didn’t give it a chance. ^_~

    Hope things improve before the next one (if there even is a next one! heh)

  12. wishing you release from your prison. its hard doing time in a bad place.

  13. Spill the Beans Says:

    I’ve so been where you are at. I remember sitting in a bar with my ex-husband on our tenth anniversary. He made a toast to another ten years, and I started crying, and told him, “If things don’t change I cannot possibly do another ten years with you.” He was quite offended, but it was the truth. We finally divorced two years later. I wish you all the best.



  14. ArtfulDodger Says:

    Miss ya alot!

  15. Miz BoheMia Says:

    Oh how I can relate to living under undesired-and-not-in-your-hands circumstances! Here’s wishing you much peace in the future and an opening to a path that shall deliver you into the life of peace and happiness you so richly deserve my friend! I have missed you!

  16. Night Bird Says:

    I thought I was the only one who hated the idea of celebrating the wedding anniversary…

    I told him I wanted to pretend it was just another day…he didn’t seem to mind.

    17 more months to go until I am done with it all.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Love you Minxy.


  18. Passionate Man Says:

    Where are ya?!

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