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Happy fucking birthday

Posted in minx with tags on January 26, 2007 by evilminx

The Minx turns 38 today, folks.

Do a good turn, and wish a Minx “Happy Birthday” in the comments. She’s a bit down and blue at the moment, but hopes very soon to be feeling better. To mis-quote an American TV classic — things sure have changed here at Minx Central.

More soon.


Happy New Year, folks

Posted in minx with tags on January 1, 2007 by evilminx

Hope you all had a great time last night, partying and having fun. This post marks the third year displayed in my archive list, which just fucking rocks.

My new year starts on a grey and wet day, and i have only one resolution. You’ll hear about it when i’ve carried it out.

I’m thinking i’ll return to blogging here a lot more once i have.

Those of you who know me well, and have done for a long time can probably guess to what I refer. Yup, epoch-in-my-life, corner turning stuff here. I will still be the Evil Minx, but i will be a new Minx too.

All will be explained. I’d rather not go into specifics yet, but i will say that I’m preparing myself properly.

I love you all. I hope you’ll all stick with me. You’ve been my strength, my light, my heart and my hope for nearly two years now, and you mean so very much to me.

I raise my glass of single malt and drink a slightly belated toast to you all.

May your new year bring you everything you could ever want, and desire, and need.

To my Minerva, health and long life.
To Art and Lady L – love, peace and togetherness.
To Amal – peace between our peoples, and love to you.
To the Corporal – a fuckwit-free year, and love to you and the family.
To Doug – all that you dream.
To LingLing – that you should come back and kick some ass.
To the Muse – Peace and all that you hope for.
To Tricia – fully restored health for your son, and peace of mind for you.
To O – all that your heart desires, and an end to the pestilence.

Here’s to 2007.