Office Inspiration

It’s dark under here, and quiet. I have to watch that i don’t bang my head. Plus, I have to be careful not to alert your co-workers to my presence; I came into the office long before they arrived, and got comfortable under here.

And by “comfortable”, you know i mean almost naked.

Fortunately, the seat your chair has been lowered so that you can stretch your legs out in front of you. Your desk is quite deep, i think, because your nice long legs reach to the back without touching it. Which means that not only do i have plenty of room in which to work, but i also have excellent and very comfortable access to you.

As you’re about to find out, as i slowly reach my hand up to your zipper, and tug it down. I can hear the catch in your throat, as you realise what’s happening — you’re engaged in conversation with someone, and to your enormous credit, you manage to continue and finish the discussion, although probably quicker than you’d have originally planned.

Deliberately dropping a pencil, you bend down and our eyes meet… and you smile.

“Behave,” you chastise me.

I start massaging and caressing your balls.

“You’d like me to stop?”

Your shuddering exhale proves that you’d like anything but. Surreptitiously, you move yourself so that the part of your torso visible to the outside is dressed, all the while removing your pants and carefully sliding them down.

“Commando?” I breathe. “Yeah, baby…!”

Your cock is standing to attention already — the illicit nature of the situation creating as much arousal as the deft movements of my fingers. Without ceasing my massage of your balls, i bring my mouth to your cock, and lick the bead of precum standing on the top.

You moan, and quickly turn it into a cough.

I enclose your cockhead in my mouth, and run my tongue around the rim. I feel you quiver with excitement. Ruthlessly, i graze my teeth around the rim, only to feel your whole body shudder with joy.

I realise that this is possibly one of the biggest turn-ons for you, to be doing this in public. I anticipate that my goal of making you gush streams of come into my mouth and down my throat will not be difficult to achieve from where I’m sitting.

Not that it would ever be difficult, just that today will be easier than usual.

I slide one hand beneath your thigh, feeling for your perineum as i take your shaft into my mouth. You shift down the seat, enabling me access where i can move my head back and forth, rather than up and down, thus saving me from massive head bumping. I duly move my head, and you tilt your hips into my face,thrusting gently and inconspicuously.

I hear snippets of conversation from above the desk — the desk that has become my whole world for now — about a meeting, that everyone is going to. Idly it crosses my mind that you might have to leave; i make it quite clear that this is not the way things will be unfolding according to my agenda. Gratifyingly, i hear you wish them good luck for the meeting — apparently, you didn’t have to attend after all. I hear voices receding, a door close…. and then feel the chair move away a small distance.

I move with it, of course.

“Minx,” you gasp, looking down at me. “What are you doing? And for god’s sake — don’t stop…”

Free of restrictions now, i concentrate on the task in hand, teasing your cock with my tongue, sucking you and lapping at you, tracing patterns on your shaft with my teeth, cuddling and caressing your balls, and playing around your anus with my other hand. Your moans are quite loud now – presumably because everyone else has left the building and you don’t care.

I feel your balls tighten, and i slip a finger into your ass. I hear you call out my name in strangulated tones, and feel your hands grab fistfuls of my hair.

“Ride me, baby. The door is shut, get up here and straddle me.”

I’m a good girl. I do what I’m told.

Bringing my mouth to yours, i kiss you softly, allowing you to taste yourself on my lips. You sigh, and continue to thrust and pump into me, and it isn’t long before you come… although it is very very good.

“Think of me as your office inspiration,” i murmur into your mouth as you subside beneath me.

You pull me close to you, holding me there, and whisper:

“I think of you far more than i should.”


12 Responses to “Office Inspiration”

  1. Inspiration, indeed. I do believe I like the way you think.

  2. hmmmm …if I had you under my desk …I might even take off my mask ….lol.

  3. Come visit my office. I work in a cubicle, but what the hell.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    DAMN!! great writing!

  5. Megan – thank you! The feeling is mutual.

    Spirit – oh baby, you know you would. And the rest. Heee!

    Al – cubicle, shmubicle. Email me the address, i’ll be right over.

    Anonymous – Thank you!! Wish i knew who you were so i could be more personally salacious.


  6. Indeterminacy Says:

    YOu make my head spin, and you aren’t even here with me!

  7. Cosmic Girl Says:

    That was awesome!

  8. Bad Bad Girl Says:

    That sounds like a nice day at the office…

  9. naughty angel Says:

    that was really inspirational! i share the same fantasy… 🙂

  10. Amazing post, Minx, as ever, and outstandingly good erotica that beats even your own standards by a mile. I loved the way you ended this: “I think of you far more than i should,” (And don’t I hear you, darling, on that? As do we all, those of us lucky enough to have been loved so passionately?) and the way you started this: the secrecy of you hidden beneath his public world.
    Gorgeous….I think I need a cold shower, but alas, cold showers actually make me hot, and so you know what I’ll be getting up to in there….

  11. Your erotica is so terribly wonderful. It is the most erotic erotica ever. If your erotica had been a snake, it would have bitten me on the ass. And you know how much I love having my ass bitten.

    I’m squirting manure and basking in your Sapphic juices.

    Can you feel my luuuuv?
    Can you taste it?

    It tastes like chicken.


  12. Miss Vixen Says:

    DANG! That is hot hot hot!
    long time lurker, first time commenter…

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