This time of year is usually a very reflective and pensive time for me. 2006 is no different.

A year ago, things were very different for me. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that after a stagnation period of about 8 years, the ensuing two years have been a rollercoaster ride of change, emotion, betrayal, hurt, revelation, love, lust, sex, personal growth and increasing maturity.

Amazing how a person can grow up at the age of 36.

It is Yom Kippur on Monday, and true to my faith i will be fasting. I am not a religious or observant Jew in many ways but this is the one day in the calendar that i do keep, albeit in my own way. I refrain from eating, and sex (ha! fat chance) and wearing leather apparel (which for me means shoes, you perverted and debase bunch of debauchees), and i spend the day in quiet reflection of the past year, and how I behaved to others, and what I’ve done and how i could improve, and so on.

I also ask forgiveness from those close to me for any wrong-doing on my part, any small offences, any tactless slip of the tongue…. anything i have done to cause harm in anyway to those about whom i care deeply.

One of the blessings of this blog is that while my statistics don’t come anywhere near the numbers garnered by other bloggy friends of mine (AAG, for example, or ArtfulDodger, or O), i do have a dedicated group of blogpals, who read me when i have something to say, and upon whose blogs i will reciprocally comment.

I often wax lyrical here about how i love you all. I am quite sincere. I do, really. You mean more to me than you know, and share a very special place in my heart that i reserve for those closest to me in the *real* world. I classify you all as those nearest and dearest to my heart.

This post is, on this one, isolated occasion, only for you guys. Not that anyone else is prevented from reading, but the people to whom I am writing know who they are. They all currently figure on my blogroll, so there’s a little clue.

If i have done anything to offend you, or harm you, or upset you in any way over the last year, please forgive me. I would never have done so intentionally, and it would pain me deeply to know i had caused you grief of any shape or description. You have all been so wonderful to me, especially over the last year, and i am deeply grateful and feel very blessed to know you.

All of you.

Always your,


14 Responses to “Forgiveness”

  1. ArtfulDodger Says:

    Rest easy of mind and spirit, for if anything you have also been an inspiration and constant friend this past year. You are loved back and thought about each and every day. In as much as this weird little blog world allows us the opportunity, I send a big year end hug your way across the ether.

    Leshana tova tikateivi vetichatemi.

  2. Minxy,
    You have added honey to my year. Thank you and have an easy fast.

  3. You’ve been so supportive to me, Minxy…it is I who owes you a debt of thanks….you’ve been a great friend and I really appreciate it!

  4. Deadly Female Says:

    Darling Minx, reflect on what a wonderful person you have been xx

  5. It has been a long year. So many changes have occurred that it would be impossible to believe it has only been 12 months. If it were a book the publishers would turn it down for being too unbelievable and bizarre.

    We all have our demons. We do what we can to hold on to our own goodness amongst the turbulence. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail, but at least we can sleep at night.

    Love you Minxy Cat.


  6. AlwaysArousedGirl Says:


    Thank you, Minx.

    You’ve been a blessing in my life this year.

  7. Miz BoheMia Says:

    Oh what beautiful words sweet Minxy… I for one love you very much and wish you nothing but the best in this new year… know how amazing you are!


  8. awww. babe..

  9. Ahhhhhhh….Minx.

    You have got to be one of the SWEETEST people that I have EVER had the pleasure of knowing in my entire life.

    I Bet You Taste Sooooo Good…

  10. Hey sweetheart…
    In a shitty awful year, you have definitely been one of the bright stars that shed your light over me… I do adore you and as I face the next couple of weeks and a possible renewal of that personal hell, one of the few things getting me through that is the knowledge that you will be, as ever, by my side, in front of me to ease my path and behind me to cheer me on..

    Thank you, so very much,


  11. You are truly a beautiful Soul, Minx!

    Love and Peace in all that you do!

  12. awe.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I’m sorry its taken so long for me to get back here Minx!

    I don’t know how to bestow any Jewish blessings on you but I hope your coming year is a bit easier than the last one. Wishing you the love and peace you deserve!


  14. dirty joke sir Says:

    Shana Tova! cum and vote in the sexy ass pix contest going on right now on my blog! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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