Tuna tataki

We went for sushi. CH and I. You need to understand how significant this is.

CH and sushi are not something I have ever seen mixed before. CH trying new things is also a comparatively rare sighting.

I mean, I love sushi. Love it. I’m a foodie in general, as my sizeable ass shows. But there are certain foods which I simply cannot say no to. I can resist deep fried junk food — I channel the nausea I experienced when pregnant, and that seems to do it. I can sometimes resist chocolate — not always, I must confess. I can rarely — if ever — resist anything garlic-flavoured.

And I can never resist sushi.

I mean, it’s healthy, it’s not fattening (if eaten under controlled circumstances), it’s filling — a rarity for your eyes-bigger-than-her-stomach Minx — and it’s abso-fucking-lutely delicious, goddamit.

So how did I come to be in my favorite sushi place (which happens to be next to my office), with the unadventurous, non-foodie CH?

I will tell you. Patience, y’all. (That “y’all” was for you, Pursuit.)

When CH told me that he knew about the Muse, he asked me why. Why had I gone looking for something extra-marital? And I told him the truth. That the Muse provided me with something that he didn’t and never had: compatibility. Intellectual, social, cultural — you know what I’m talking about here.

I, in turn, felt that I had excluded him from a large part of my life by having these online friendships with lots of weird and wonderful bloggers — some weirder, and some more wonderful, than others.

So, since the Muse is no longer part of our equation, CH is doing what he can. And this is one way of redressing that particular balance, despite being an avowed “put-raw-fish-in-my-mouth-you must-be-kidding-I-would-rather-swim-in-a-pool-of-my-own-vomit” kind of bloke.

So there we are, in the sushi bar, and it’s even a new experience for me. I mean, I’m used to going in there and availing myself what I now realize was a rather severely limited business lunch menu. Since CH had always previously refused point blank to go to eat for sushi, and since he is the one with whom I usually go out to eat (none of my close girlfriends being of the sushi-eating clan either), sushi was always a lunchtime event, usually guiltily snatched in the middle of my working day.

But this is a whole new kettle of fish. (And raw fish at that. Heh.)

For starters, the dishes are different. More varied. Yummier-looking. And so much more variety. I’m like a child in a toy store. A Minx in a night-time sushi bar. Use the expression folks. I’m sure it could — and should! — become a widely used phrase.

A delightfully tasty-looking dish floats past me on the conveyor belt, as I straighten my skirt, and hang my bag on the floor. I swoop my hand out and grab it, to the bewilderment of my husband.

“What the fuck is going on here?” he asks me, clearly baffled by the whole set-up.

“Choose the dish you most like the look of,” I replied, somewhat indistinctly through a mouthful of salmon sashimi, “And the price of the dish is according to the color of the plate on which it stands. I also ordered us both miso — it’s a soup, you’ll love it, they serve it with shitaki mushrooms, tofu and seaweed.”

“Er… OK, then.”

Over the soup, and the accompanying garlic rice (which, quite frankly, they could serve me in heaven and I wouldn’t complain) I told CH at length about my blog friends and acquaintances. All of them. The current ones mostly. How great they had been to me, the sort of friends they are to me, and how much they mean to me.

How so many had been concerned and worried and supportive at the time the Minxette went under the knife (she’s doing really well, btw). How, more recently, the constant stream of comments and emails and IMs checking we were all OK, and not buried under a ton of rubble, had enabled me – literally – to keep going from day to day.

No real names. No directions to anyone’s blog. CH is not a blogger, and isn’t interested in becoming one. Mostly because English, despite his being fluent, is not his first language.

But at least now he understands a little better. Which should facilitate things a little better between us.

Mixing Japanese food with unburdenings of the heart. And no indigestion. Who’da thunk it?


10 Responses to “Tuna tataki”

  1. Sounds like a perfect combination and don’t skimp on the sake. This is a happy story to me, Minxie. A salute to the CH and you from one of the weird ones.

  2. Miz BoheMia Says:

    Oh wow dear Minxy! I have been catching up and gobbling up your news and I am floored (in a good way) at the changes that come with openness, ecstatic over the fact that CH is working at giving you what you so rightfully deserve… and though I am sure there is much to deal with emotionally that is probably not mentioned, here’s all the positivity and love and hope I can muster for as smooth and beautiful a transition into this new life for you my dear friend!

    All my love and thinking of you even though I do not make it over as often as I want to (it is called kids being home for the summer!)…


  3. Beautiful Minxy. I (we actually), are also absolute Sushi lovers … ! Miso soup, edamame for starters and a large variety of sushi or sashimi, depending on the apparent hunger … fun for hours and super delicious (Orchid has a post in mind called ‘my sashimi’, underlining the eroticism behind Sushi 😉 … Apart from that, this Sushi experience for you was an exceptional one. I feel like saying ‘congratulations’, not so much because of what happens between you and CH, but more so just for what ou have accomplished for yourself … Great. Hugs – A

  4. Evil Minx Says:

    Doug, sweetpea — you fall into that rare category of both weird and wonderful. Kisses.

    Miz B — you never need to apologize. I’m delighted that you come here to visit ever. Period. I don’t measure my sitemeter fanatically or check who is coming here, or when, or how often. I don’t run a bar tab of these things. I just love when you do visit, because your bubbly attitude and good humour and happy disposition are simply infectious. And i love you too!

    Aragorn and Orchid — we must meet up for Miso sometime… those shitaki mushrooms give me orgasms!


  5. I love you..

    You are a wonderful person for this.. for conversation and interaction..

    sushi.. mm…

    good fucking shit honey..

    Hope all is well..

    LOVE YA!!

  6. Sorry Shminxy but sushi… well you might as well go fishing and have fork and knife at hand for when it lands on the dock.

    Hope everything is okay with you and CH. If there’s anything I can do, you know where to find me.

  7. So you told him about Muse and he gave you Sushi? Now that’s food for thought!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.

    I love love love sushi! And anything server off the hibachi. A combination of the two must surely make the angels in heaven sing.

    Looks like you are on a voyage of re-discovery with CH. New adventures and a re-awakening of passions you once thought were lost? What a beautiful thing to happen to a Minxy girl like yourself.

    I hope he grows to love the Minx as much as we do. This may be a new side of you that he has been waiting to see emerge also.

    Much love,


  8. Trouble in Shangri La Says:

    I was so glad to read this post. SO DAMN GLAD.

  9. I could eat sushi all day every day.

    Love me some spainish mackeral or toro.

  10. Love you, hate sushi.

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