Still alive, amid the rubble

Hey y’all.

Just a quick note, as I realized quite how long it has been since I last posted.

Over the last month, in addition to the outside world being in utter turmoil, my own private life has had its fair share of topsy-turvy moments. The most bizarre of which is that CH knows all about the Muse.

Yes, everything.

So, no, you won’t hear about him here again.

But I have my health, and so do the Minxette and the young Manx… so I can’t complain. It doesn’t matter if I don’t dance with happiness; I’m just glad to be around still.

I’ll write more soon, hopefully.

And just a quick but MASSIVE thank you to everyone who commented. I’m a very blessed and loved Minx, and I cherish all of you deeply.

Minxy xxxxxxx


7 Responses to “Still alive, amid the rubble”

  1. Deadly Female Says:

    Oh Minx xx I’ll email you, sweetie xx

  2. FilthyRottenAngel Says:

    ….damn Idropped my spaghetti…. anyway

    Love you minx… and yes I miss you like a fat kid loves cake. =P

  3. “Ya’all? Is that a common greating in your parts?

    Good to hear you’re ok

  4. Mohd Noor Says:

    Hi, Im from Malaysia. I have been following the situations in your country and I am glad there is peace now. I am happy you and your family are safe and well. You are welcome to come and stay with us over here anytime. We welcome you with open arms. Just want to let you know that.

  5. I’m glad to see you’re okay.

  6. Minxxxy,

    Brava, darling. Brava.
    Courage personal and political, and grace under all kinds of fire.

    I am proud to be your friend, and lucky and blessed that you call me yours.

    Love, always,

  7. Trouble in Shangri La Says:

    I’m so glad you’re out of the closet. It’s such a burden to carry a secret life.

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