….And in with the new!

I have been quiet this week. Or at least, that’s what *you* think. My life ex this blog has been a crazy barrel of laughs. Seriously.

I have work coming out of my ears. I had children coming out of or kicking me in every other orifice. In short, I’ve been busy as fuck. And it’s been fun. Heh.

And with work, family and life in general, my blogging is somewhat restricted much of the time. If it were up to me, I’d be glued to my laptop 24*7. According to many around me, I am. Well, hell — it don’t feel that way to me.

So what’s new? More to the point (insert typical Jewish shrug here) “Vot ken you do?”

There is something I’ve been meaning to ramble on about aimlessly for a while. (And you know how well I do that. Heh. ) I have quite a long blogroll; in fact I pride myself on it and brush it with one hundred strokes every night before bed and you’d think I don’t have time to regularly get round to reading everyone.

That’s not quite the case; I firstly check on the people whose blogs show an update, and then I peruse the blogs who never show an update but are in no way dormant. Like Crazy, from Crazy Like a Fox. I love her tagline (“One Rorschach test away from being committed”) and she always has something interesting and kick-ass to say. And Alex and Suze — hot and steaming, but never indicating that they’ve updated. But most do.

Recently I have been doing some housekeeping on my blogroll. You know, out with the old and defunct, in with the new and shiny.


Mmmmm. Shiny.


Goodbye Monkey, I’ll miss you, good luck with the baby. Goodbye Tommy and Mo’s Girl… you guys rocked. Goodbye Shy Rocket — it was too brief and fleeting an acquaintance, but I loved it while it lasted. Shame you all went, you were great. I hope everything is OK.

Of course, some people close down shop in one place only to open it up somewhere else. That’s always fun.

And then there are those who say they’re leaving but I don’t believe them. They’ll be back. They always come back. Right, Strumpalola?

Anyway, onto the shiny (“Mmmmm! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny!”) new links. Go visit ’em and tell ’em the Minx sent you.

Firstly the lovely Roxi at Between a Rock and a Diamond. Hilarious! Smart! Interesting! A totally unique perspective on life, with an attitude I can only envy. Go, go, go talk to her. Now.

Someone I have linked for a while but don’t think I’ve ever mentioned is the fablious Madame X. That woman creases me up. And sexy? Whew. *Fans self vigorously* Enough to turn a straight girl bent. Well, not quite, but you know what I mean.

A very recent link (for those of you who keep up with my comments) is Crabcake. Bless her. A sense of humour at which I drool with envy, and a great blog to boot.

If you want irreverent and NSFW humour, not to mention the occasional spank-fest, go visit the Irreverent Reverend. He brought himself to my attention by leaving me the following comment: “Girl, you need religion.” Since I already have religion in spades; Jewish guilt is worse than Catholic guilt, in case you weren’t already aware, I followed the link to see where it led me. And it led me to fun, fun, fun! Nothing serious, some sensational erotic art and photography, and much profanity at the Church of the Hard Fucks. Heee!

There’s also my pal Hypnodog, whom I love dearly. This man is a very good friend to your Minx, and writes some great stuff. Plus he can hypnotize you, which may actually be the sole reason why I’m writing this. Heh. I jest.

Back from the dead is Bare Frame, with the newly-named and revamped The Naked Eye. This is a blog that speaks for itself. Go look, all straight and bi women, bi and gay men… An aesthetic treat.

There are many others on my blogroll whom I’m not mentioning here, because to do so would be… well, like regurgitating my blogroll. All my staunch friends from the past year are still there, and I still visit regularly. They’ll be the subject of another post to be written soon. Just a quick shout out to the Corporal, Minerva and Artful Dodger without whom I’d be toast. Literally. Love you guys so much.

And of course, my friend. Without whom I’d be incomplete and miserable.

Later, y’all.
Minxy xxxxxxx


8 Responses to “….And in with the new!”

  1. crabcake Says:

    psssst. You forgot to mention my bodacious chesticles. Oh well, not to fret….. I’m lying anyway.

    I gotta go visit some of these folks I haven’t met yet. Woo hoo! More good blogs!

  2. ArtfulDodger Says:

    I could easily say the same of you oh Minxy one, my friend from afar. Busy day today and I haven’t had much time, so I’ll get back to you tomorrow. Until then, stay Minxy! 😉

  3. I am honored and shit!

  4. Minerva Says:

    Words aren’t necessary between us…


  5. Deadly Female Says:

    Lovely post dearest Minx xx

  6. AndyT13 Says:

    Hey Minxy! Nice post! Hope your week is going great!

  7. Desire X Says:

    How does seriously creased compare to seriously kinked? Is a crease half-way to a kink??

    Only in minx land.


  8. Hi, Minx. I’m over from Gnat’s. I’ll look forward to checking some of these siggestions.

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