Reflectrospective for O: You’ve come a long way, baby…

A few weeks ago I coined the term “reflectrospective” (Which I think should be co-opted into Webster’s as soon as) and talked about the last year since I’ve been on the personal non-vanilla blog scene.

Much has been made of achieving a year of blogging. Many of the blogs I read either just have or are just are about to celebrate a year in existence. (Viviane’s Sex Carnival is just one example.) EOTOS actually celebrates a full year since its inception today (May 15th), coincidentally.

However, it’s not the blog that’s really important, it’s the life behind it. And this Minx’s life was hugely enriched by some of the people behind other blogs that have becomes compulsive everyday reading material for me. Frankly, I often forgo the news in order to catch up on my blogroll.

However, this reflectrospective is all about someone who has been there for me during the entire journey of the last annum (Should that be annus? Surely not. Much, much, much too funny!!), and without whom I could not have made it to this day. Not with my sanity intact, anyway.

O of Eros, Logos, actually started her blog a week or so before this one, but according to her was “inspired by my previous and now non-Etna-like permanently dormant blog Evil Grins and More. Considering the attrocious standard of some of the writing on EGAM, and the consistently wonderful pieces on EL, it’s hard to believe that anything i did inspired her. She even still links it, bless her (see “Original Minx” on her blogroll).

O was one of the first friends I made through blogging. Real friends, that is. When everything went pear-shaped for me a year ago, she was there immediately, despite not really knowing me that well. A state of affairs that changed almost almost straight away. We began by commenting to each other, and then emailing, then progressing on to IM and skype (“goddamn skype!”) and soon became fast friends.

O has been there for me constantly. We have laughed together — a lot; she has a wickedly delicious sense of humour. In fact, I’d rank her up there with the Brits as far as dry and sharp goes. She is also enormously intelligent, and utterly awful at taking a compliment. For example, when she reads this, she’ll be blushing furiously, throwing pillows at her laptop, and IM-ing me to stop being such a sappy daft cow.

Nuh-uh, sister. Sappy daft cow is the order of the day. So there, ner.

Within the blogging framework, she is notable for writing some of the most coherent and beautiful prose on the web. Always insightful and eloquent, often moving and emotive, frequently hot and erotic, consistently well-written and interesting and perpetually worth reading. I am not exaggerating when I say that she is one of the best writers I have ever read. Ever, not just in blogging. I believe the world will see much of her — although we may not recognize her in real life.

Her capacity to understand and dissect an issue correctly repeatedly amazes me. Throughout my fractured and sickly relationship with G, she accurately predicted forthcoming behaviour and actions from him (and me!) time and time again.

The last year has been one of turmoil and rollercoaster-like proportions for both of us. And we somehow each seemed to mirror the highs and lows the other’s life, throughout. Both of us at simultaneous peaks and valleys of circumstance, emotion and adjustment. We discussed our relationships — her with the URL-titular cyber affair about whom she first began Eros, Logos, the ubiquitous P (“always comes before O.” Heh.).

See, that’s her sense of humour. She fucking slays me every time. And I say this with completely accidental reference to her Buffy-worship. Heh.

I’ve learned so much from her. She’s incredibly techno-capable and talented, and it’s all self-taught. She’s inspirational in how she has achieved everything she has, just by virtue of her astounding intelligence and driven personality.

She was the one who designed my first non-blogger designer template — giving up hours of her personal time to making it look just right, to creating my still extant lovely purry-furry dividers (rawr). I owe her copious amounts of lokshen kugel and chicken soup for that, which she has an open invitation to come and collect whenever she wants. That was the payment we agreed — that she’d design me a template, and i’d feed her when she came to stay over here.

There is always a place for you in my home, O. Templates notwithstanding. Just turn up.

She gives of herself so unselfishly, to many others as well as me. It says a great deal that this reflectrospective is only one of a huge number of blog tributes to her blogversary that have been posted on a Heinz-like variety of blogs. She constantly and patiently puts up with the unwanted but unavoidable intrusion of my real life into my correspondence-commitments, time and time again.

She has a capacity for love and caring that amazes me afresh each time she demonstrates it. I have a Dilbert mug on my desk, with a picture of Dogbert saying sarcastically “Let me drop everything and work on your problem.” That’s her — but with a complete and abject absence of Dogbert’s biting sarcasm.

O officially celebrated her blogday last week, so this comes a little late. As i often seem to do for her, which i regret sincerely. I’m often playing catch-up with her — my life bogs me down. It doesn’t lessen the sincerity with which i write. Not at all. I’ll always be there for her, and I value her so highly that I don’t even have the words to express how much.

Happy, happy, happy one year blogversary, O. May you continue to go from strength to strength: on your blog and in your life. I look forward to observing just that… for a long time to come.



10 Responses to “Reflectrospective for O: You’ve come a long way, baby…”

  1. FilthyRottenAngel Says:

    I would love to leave a comment that echos your beautiful piece, Minx, but you’ve stolen words. She seems awesome, I’m now going to to read up on her blog.

  2. crabcake Says:

    Minx, I’m linking you at the cowpie field. You’re awesome! Oh and congrats to O for her year!

  3. ArtfulDodger Says:

    O is one of the greats and we all love her dearly!

  4. Minerva Says:

    What a wonderful accolade Minxy and she deserves every last syllable…

    Here’s to you O!

  5. Evil Minx Says:

    FRA: I didn’t steal them. Nobody saw me. You can’t prove anything. Heh.

    crabcake: The honour is mine. Loves me a cow pat field (that’s what we call ’em in Blighty). Mutual linkage has been performed, and not before time!

    Art: Yeah. I know. She really is.

    Minerva: Aww. Thank you, honey. Yours is also in the works for when you celebrate your bloggerversary.

    Which prompts me to mention — there are so many variations on this theme: which is correct, people?
    Huh? Huh? I’m askin’ now. Someone. Tell me. Pleeeeeease!

  6. Desire X Says:

    That’s so sweet.
    And she introduced us– I thank her for that too.

  7. lumivox Says:

    Minx – What a nice tribute to O, all the more generous that you offered it on your own blogday!

    So here’s a belated happy blogday to you. May 15th is an auspcious day for the following reasons, beside marking the advent of EOTOS:

    o Horton Hears a Who — “On the 15th of May, in the Jungle of Nool. . . .”

    o John Smoltz — only pitcher I know of who’s been a dominant starter, closer, and then starter again. Born on May 15, 1967.

    o My first two children were born on May 15th, two years apart.

    Cheers Minxy!


  8. Deadly Female Says:

    What a lovely lovely tribute, darling Minx xx

  9. crabcake Says:

    LOL! Desire X I bet you get lots of profile hits with that avatar.

    Minx, I have to go get ice cream now. I always eat ice cream after mutual linkage.

  10. ok.. I like the new word.. you described its meaning wonderffully..

    but honey..

    damn was that a long fucking post!

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