Meme’d by Miss Syl

I AM…. very different on the inside than a lot of people think.

I SAID…. I wouldn’t but I did. Twice. And it was so much better than I’d imagined.

I WANT…. the limbo to end.

I WISH…. I could be where my heart lies.

I HATE…. the incessant guilt, depression and paranoia that stay with me despite the fact that I’m a grown woman.

I MISS…. Cambridge. I always have, but now even more so. I went to University there, and made a lot of life choices that I would change if I could turn back time but know then what I know now.

I FEAR…. losing the ability to write. Or think. These scare me beyond belief.

I HEAR…. your voice and I melt.

I WONDER…. how I got to this particular point, just to look back and not be able to remember a single decision I made really autonomously.

I REGRET…. taking so damn long to listen to my heart.

I AM NOT…. nearly as strong as I would have people think.

I DANCE…. with my kids all the time. Alone in the car. Whenever I can; I love to dance.

I SING…. professionally. It’s therapy for me to sing, and I love it. One day, I’ll figure out how to Audiopost something here and I’ll sing y’all something. (Anyone with any tips on how to post an audio post but not using AudioBlogger, please leave me your email in the comments.)

I CRY… often. Too much, maybe. But I believe sincerely that the healing properties of tears are seriously underrated.

I AM NOT ALWAYS…. a hardass. I can be one, certainly. But mostly my ass is soft and squishy.

I MADE…. my bed, and whatever the consequences, I will lie in it.

I WRITE…. all the time. All of it. But I love to write, so this suits me fine.

I CONFUSE…. words easily when I’m tired. Just the other day I said “train station” when I meant “turning”. I think I’m going insane. Oy.

I SHOULD…. get a manicure and a pedicure. It’s been too long.

I START…. to twitch when I’m near balloons. I don’t see why air should have skin. Ugh. *shudder*

I FINISH…. relationships with great difficulty. Relationships of any nature, not merely romantic. And even when one is ended, despite knowing that the person must be ex my life for the good of my mental health, it doesn’t mean I can forget them or what happened easily. It stays with me for a long time.

I TAG…. no one. Anyone. This is a meme I did for me. For a change.


13 Responses to “Meme’d by Miss Syl”

  1. Minerva Says:

    It may be a meme but it is 1000% better than all the other memes I have read…

    I love it, especially the squishy ass comment…

  2. Mr Easy Says:

    The more I know about you, the more I fall in love with you.

    You know how hard it is … to resist.

  3. thought provoking as always minxy.x

  4. FortuneCookee Says:

    A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn.

  5. ArtfulDodger Says:

    Wonderful as always Minxy one! 😉 Love ya!

  6. Miss Syl Says:

    This is a meme I did for me. For a change.

    Good. Do more things for you! (Though I have to say I had fun reading it, too.)

    There are any number of comments in there I can relate to…

    …but not the singing professionally! I want to hear!

    About the non-Audioblogger thing: I suppose you could record it through your mic on your computer and save it as a sound file like a WAV, then convert it to mp3 via iTunes and then if you have a friend who has some extra hosting space, they could host the mp3 for you and you could link to it. (If that’s not too complex.)

  7. The Menace Within Says:

    Hey Minxy, Forget the regret. It only lives in the past..Move forward! Damn I love your blog!

  8. NotReverent Says:


  9. Crimson Says:

    Nice answers 🙂

  10. -lucky- Says:

    wow i just found your blog and love it check me out at skinandsweat.blogspot

  11. Evil Minx Says:

    Minerva: Ah yes. And you’ve met my squishy ass in person. So you know..!

    Mr Easy: “The more you know about me, the more you fall in love with me?” The feeling is mutual my darling. You know it.

    priest: Thanks babe. Nice to see you around again.

    FortuneCookee: Good point. Come back and impart more wisdom whenever you want!

    ArtfulDodger: Why, thank you good sir. Love ya too, babe.

    Miss Syl: 1. I will, good plan. 2. I can imagine…! 3. I will try. When things calm down a bit here. Meaning probably never. *Sigh*. Still, you know what they say: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And i would so be going to hell if i were Catholic. But i’m not so.. heh.

    Menace: Glad you enjoy the Minxdom, honey. And you have a very good point there. I will try to.

    Ahh. The good Reverend: Pound your ass for that babe!

    Crimson: Thanks honey. I try. Not hard, but i do try some.

    -lucky-: OK, i will. And welcome back here anytime.

    Y’all… sorry i haven’t posted more this week. I’ll get right on it.

    Minxy xxxxxxxxx

  12. Ma Minx,

    This was an awesome meme. :)) I enjoyed reading it.

  13. BeckoningChasm Says:

    This was, indeed, extraordinarily cool.

    Here’s hoping you continue to write, and feel fear much less. Very, very good stuff, fun AND functional!

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