Meme’d by Miss Syl

I AM…. very different on the inside than a lot of people think.

I SAID…. I wouldn’t but I did. Twice. And it was so much better than I’d imagined.

I WANT…. the limbo to end.

I WISH…. I could be where my heart lies.

I HATE…. the incessant guilt, depression and paranoia that stay with me despite the fact that I’m a grown woman.

I MISS…. Cambridge. I always have, but now even more so. I went to University there, and made a lot of life choices that I would change if I could turn back time but know then what I know now.

I FEAR…. losing the ability to write. Or think. These scare me beyond belief.

I HEAR…. your voice and I melt.

I WONDER…. how I got to this particular point, just to look back and not be able to remember a single decision I made really autonomously.

I REGRET…. taking so damn long to listen to my heart.

I AM NOT…. nearly as strong as I would have people think.

I DANCE…. with my kids all the time. Alone in the car. Whenever I can; I love to dance.

I SING…. professionally. It’s therapy for me to sing, and I love it. One day, I’ll figure out how to Audiopost something here and I’ll sing y’all something. (Anyone with any tips on how to post an audio post but not using AudioBlogger, please leave me your email in the comments.)

I CRY… often. Too much, maybe. But I believe sincerely that the healing properties of tears are seriously underrated.

I AM NOT ALWAYS…. a hardass. I can be one, certainly. But mostly my ass is soft and squishy.

I MADE…. my bed, and whatever the consequences, I will lie in it.

I WRITE…. all the time. All of it. But I love to write, so this suits me fine.

I CONFUSE…. words easily when I’m tired. Just the other day I said “train station” when I meant “turning”. I think I’m going insane. Oy.

I SHOULD…. get a manicure and a pedicure. It’s been too long.

I START…. to twitch when I’m near balloons. I don’t see why air should have skin. Ugh. *shudder*

I FINISH…. relationships with great difficulty. Relationships of any nature, not merely romantic. And even when one is ended, despite knowing that the person must be ex my life for the good of my mental health, it doesn’t mean I can forget them or what happened easily. It stays with me for a long time.

I TAG…. no one. Anyone. This is a meme I did for me. For a change.


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