Eye to eye

I squirm happily beneath you, as you move within me.

The moist puddle between us is very evident to us both. As you lie on me, your long frame covers my shorter one, our eyes meet and we both smile.

“You’re extremely wet,” you say, eyes boring into mine.

“Well don’t look at me,” I retort laughingly. “It’s all your fault!”

I am not sure how long we’ve been here. All I know is I am loving every second, and in absolutely no hurry for this to end.

I’ve never done this before. Never dragged a man back to my hotel room with such fervour and passion. Never allowed him to remove my clothes with such alacrity; kissing every exposed limb as it was bared; kissing my mouth and my neck and my ear in between.

Never have I returned such passion with such ease… while the way I feel about you is very new and exhilarating on the one hand… on the other hand, nothing has ever felt so natural or so right to me.

I have known you via the web for months, and you have become an essential part of my life. As I have to yours. But nothing could have prepared me for how unbelievably, quintessentially, totally, utterly and completely right this feels. Nothing.

You move your hips against me, and I can feel your hard cock inside me. I let out an involuntary sigh of joy and softly murmur sweet, foreign nothings into your ear, enjoying the look of pleasure on your face as I do.

“Ahuvati hayakar, cama ani ohevet otcha…”

You adore it when I get bilingual with you. And I love to do so. I feel your legs entwine with mine, and run my toe up the back of your shin, as you push deeper inside me; the delight increases more and more.

I am where I’m meant to be. You are when you’re meant to be. Together. Connected.

God, I love you so much.

You move yourself, tantalizingly slowly, embracing me with your whole body as it rubs against mine. I feel your soft skin; your hard velvety cock thrusting inside me. You hold my head in your hands, stroking my cheek with your forefinger, and continue to look deep into my soft brown eyes with your sparkling blue twinkle.

“You love this, don’t you?”

“I do… I do… oh god… don’t stop… that’s so good.. oh baby…”

“I’m not going to stop. No way. However, I am going… to do… this!”

With a skillful sudden move, I find myself on top of you, with your cock still buried within me. Looking down at you, I smile again.

I smile a lot when I’m with you. It’s you; you make me happy.

Now it’s my turn to tantalise you. Grinding my hips against yours teasingly slowly, I look down at you.

“You love this, don’t you, baby?”

“Oh yes…”

“And when I do this?”

You roll your eyes in ecstasy, and sigh. “Oh Minx. You look so incredibly sexy, with your hair tumbling down like that, and that wanton look on your face… kiss me…”

We kiss. Soft and sensual, the passion building. Lips feather-light. Tongues dancing. It feels to us both that this can never end… should never end… how could it possibly end? I don’t know how long we’ve been lying here, and I don’t care. Just don’t leave. Don’t go. Stay. Stay with me.

Again, you sigh.

“Oh Minx, My darling Minx… do you have any idea what you do to me? How much I love you? How obvious it is that we belong together?”

I do. I really do.

And as I gaze into your eyes, and you gaze soul-searchingly back into mine, it’s the only thing in the whole world that makes any sense at all.

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17 Responses to “Eye to eye”

  1. I know…god I know

  2. beautiful..

    * sigh *

  3. The Menace Within Says:

    Oh,,I love that feeling you write of! Yes I do… YUM!!!!
    What a great way to take a break this afternoon.. Thanks!

  4. The Menace Within Says:

    BTW.. You inspired me today..take a quick look @ my blog. Thanks!!

  5. ArtfulDodger Says:

    oh yes… otherwise I am at a loss for words… moments of time stripped of all else extended between us and infinity beckons…

  6. Minerva Says:

    You lucky cow…. *grin*

    And that was from the heart…

  7. Evil Minx Says:

    Mermie: Of course you do. The parralels between us continue.

    Roxi: Thank you darling. So are you. Very.

    Menace: Glad you enjoyed it, and honoured to have been an inspiration. *blush*

    Art: You so get it. You so know where i’ve been, where i am. Thank you for understanding.

    Minerva: Of course it was from the heart. I wouldn’t have suspected otherwise. And yes.. i am. Very.

  8. Umm..yeah..I think that would work just fine for me. 🙂

  9. Evil Minx Says:

    DH: Yeah, i bet it would… heh.

  10. Londinium Says:

    hmmm…there are two things missing here.


    and chocolate.



  11. Beautiful. The feelings you convey through this post are just beautiful. Passion is there but so are caring and belonging. You are very luck Ma Minx. Once upon a time, I felt that.

    Just beautiful.

  12. Desire X Says:

    That is just gorgeous.
    That depth of passion. Incredible.

    And you write it so well I can almost hear you speaking the words aloud.


  13. Miss Cellania Says:

    Is this a true story? Congratulations!

  14. Evil Minx Says:

    Oh Londinium: Heh heh heh. I’m still giggling at that comment.

    Amal: Once again you flatter me, and make me blush.

    And tell me more of when you once felt like that. Write about it…

    Desire X: Coming from you, HER, one of the best writers of all the emotions and feelings encompassed by erotic writing, i’m not sure i feel worthy. I’m incredibly touched at your words. And i thank you most sincerely. For everything; you know to what i refer.

    Miss Cellania: Well firstly, welcome! Secondly, yes, it is. (I even left you a comment on your blog to that effect.) Thanks for your kind words, and please come back and visit anytime.

  15. Aragorn Says:

    Beautiful writing dear ! Lots of passion and such beautiful erotic desire … Loved it. A true story … oh my … wonderful …

  16. Deadly Female Says:

    Darling Minx, all the more beautiful because it’s real xx

  17. BeckoningChasm Says:

    Very, very good.

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