25 Sexual Secrets and Confessions

Lifted directly from Artful Dodger. He’s so damn creative — imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Promise. Plus, I’m not in a fantasy-writing place today. Also, Madame X and Always Aroused Girl did this and I found it so interesting every single time that I fancied having a go myself.

1. I lost my virginity at the tender age of… twenty-one.

2. This was a decision I consciously made — I could have lost it before many times at ages 18, 19 and 20 (still no spring chicken compared to some, I know).

3. I was always a very passionate and sexy person, but for years I was misunderstood and people saw my passion as a negative thing.

4. Therefore it is only recently that I have begun to learn about myself, my sexuality, what I like to do and have done to me (Ooo! *Excited shiver*).

5. But still, if you believe the old adage that women come of age or peak sexually in their mid-thirties — which I do, because for me it was true — then add my name to their honour roll. Or blog roll. Fuck it — that’s me!!!

6. The reason I lost my virginity so late in life (ha!) is because I decided I wanted to be “in love” with the person with whom I first made love. But based on what i know now, it wasn’t real love… although it was close.

7. As it was, while the person made every effort to make it romantic and sexy, it was a shove, a thrust, a momentary sharp pain… and me left thinking: “That?? That was it?? That was what I saved myself for? Oy vey. [short pause] Can’t wait to tell BFIWW** about this.”

8. I have a very varied range of sexual likes, dislikes, proclivities and fantasies. But hell, if you hadn’t worked that out for yourselves already… sheesh!

9. I don’t hate porn, but I’m not always wild about it. Some of it’s just too *out there*.

10. I don’t like and will not willingly participate in any sexual activity involving: children, animals, humiliation, degradation, or serious “Ow, that fucking hurts, you bastard!” pain.

12. CH and I were once vaguely sexually adventurous; we did try tying each other up so that one was forced to be passive while the other had their wicked way with them… but to be honest, even his wicked way was kinda vanilla. And boring. And didn’t involve cunnilingus. I enjoyed it at the time, though.

13. I once had the blind date from hell. Seriously. Remind me to post about it. It was terrible, really terrible. But I slept with him anyway — I have issues with validation.

14. That special surge that you feel when the chemistry is just right with someone, is almost the best physical feeling I’ve ever felt. You know the one. When you’re still at the introductory stage of the evening, still drinking or eating and chatting, and your hands accidentally-on-purpose touch… and you feel that wonderful bolt of electricity course through both of you, and your eyes meet, and you both know what’s going to happen, and how you want it to happen so badly… mmmm. *Happy shiver*

15. I love ass play during a sexual encounter. Love it.

18. I flirt online with a lot of my regular readers — the ones I consider good friends. I think they’re all gorgeous, stunning, witty men, and if they weren’t attached and made a pass at me, I’d probably succumb. Quite eagerly, actually. As long as we remained friends in the morning.

19. I will never make a pass at someone who is (openly and happily) taken — although I have been known to accept one. Heh. [Corporal — the ball is in your court (so to speak) :-). I jest, I jest. Sheesh.]

20. I honestly and truthfully do not judge others for their sexual practices. I don’t always understand them (extreme BDSM being a case in point), but I never ever judge.

21. I’ve had online cyber sex. Many times. It comes close to the real thing, but will never beat it.

22. I have never felt so sexually alive and energized as I do now. This is a direct result of my love for the Muse — yes, I love him, I truly do — and the freedom and space he gives me to discover and identify my wants and needs. Not to mention that he tries to fulfill them with me.

23. I’ve never been physically attracted to another woman. Never. In the case of several female blogfriends, I wish I were capable of being unstraight. But no. 😦

24. My ultimate fantasy is being the female in a Male-Female-Male threesome. I love that idea. So many women seem to prefer being one of two women – not me!

25. The Muse is the best sexual partner I ever had, and I love him. I mean that, I’m not just saying it because he reads this blog. I love you, baby.

26. (It’s my lucky number, and I have discalculia, which is the mathematical equivalent of dyslexia.) This blog has played no small part in allowing me to open up and learn about myself sexually. Which, naturally, includes many of you. Thanks y’all.

** Best Friend In Whole World

***Updated: Proudly listed on Blogstormz


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