Validation in lieu of a comment

You know something, you guys are the fucking best.

It astounds me that so often in life, you can have a circumstance foisted upon you through no will or act or provocation of your own. This can range from the seemingly innocuous, to the horrific or frightening or deadly — or all of the above.

And you didn’t invite it. You certainly don’t welcome it. But there *it* is. On your doorstep, metaphorically speaking. Smacking you upside the head and saying “Hey! Minxy! Deal with this steaming pile of turd that I’ve left you!”

And there you are, covered in metaphorical turd. Ugh.

So you deal with the turd as best you can, tackling the accompanying feelings of guilt, stress insecurity and distress in as efficient and capable a manner as possible.

And yet you never know if you did it right. You’re never quite sure if you shouldn’t have handled it another way. Captain Paranoia resurfaces over your shoulder from where you last kicked the little fucker, pokes you in the ear and says “Wait a minute, Minx. Isn’t what you did against your principles?”

And then, if you’re me, you find that you are lucky and blessed enough to have those around you who will support you. Those who will validate you, and ease your mind.

This post is in lieu of an individual comment. And is written as a sincere and heartfelt thank you to you all — commenters and lurkers alike.

And enough introspection already. The revealing and salacious posts will recommence shortly. Watch this space. Don’t go anywhere.


12 Responses to “Validation in lieu of a comment”

  1. The Corporal Says:

    The only place I’m going, is to your bed. To wait (semi)patiently for you to join me.

  2. The Gnat's Trumpet Says:

    Here I am, late as usual, but I wanted to add my name to the list of those who applaud your recent action in dealing with that scum.


  3. The Gnat's Trumpet Says:

    Here I am, late as usual, but I wanted to add my name to the list of those who applaud your recent action in dealing with that scum.


  4. FilthyRottenAngel Says:

    All I can do is grin, glimmer and gleam…
    then say… I’ve always liked gnat’s name.

  5. The Menace Within Says:

    Ya know, validation is a very important ingredient to any relationship.. Be it frivolous, sincere, or otherwise. Thank you for validating everyone that has visited here (Except one)

  6. *setting up camp bed, cooker and fridge*
    Who said we were going anywhere?

  7. We all need validation at sometime or another. You provide it for us just as we provided it for you when you really need it.

    You are awesome La Minx.

  8. Strumpet Says:

    There was a VERY distinct tingling sensation traveling all up and down my spine upon reading that last sentence, Ms. Minxy…

    Thank you for that.

    It felt REALLY gooood…

    I can’t fucking wait.

  9. I hate being covered in metaphorical turd. It metaphorically smells.

    Haven’t been here in a while. I like the new look, especially the tiger stripe thing under each post.

    from Maximum Awesome

  10. Evil Minx Says:

    Corporal: Be right with you, keep it warm for me babe. Did you bring the lube?

    Gnat’s Trumpet aka Andrew: How sweet and supportive of you. Thank you. And how nice to be able to call you by a name! Thank *you*!

    FRA: i grin, glimmer and gleam right back atcha… me too!

    Menace: Validation is not just self-indulgent, it’s an essential part of any relationship or connection. So you’re welcome and thank you all over again.

    Minerva: Shove over on the bench and pass me the marshmallows..!

    Amal: It’s you who is awesome, babe. You know i mean that.

    Strumpet: I do LOVE to give you a tingling sensation. But you knew that already. Heh.

    Dave: About fucking time you dragged your lazy ass over here, Dave. But, as always, lovely to see you. (Will send BT judgement as soon as.)

    Mwah to one and all!

    Minxy xxxxx

  11. Deadly Female Says:

    Ah Minx xx

  12. Evil Minx Says:

    Ah DF xx


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