Canker removed

I practiced censorship for the first time in my bloglife yesterday. Right here, in my little Minxdom. I did it, and I’m proud of having done so. I hope you’ll agree with my decision, but it doesn’t make a difference either way. I’m not going to change my mind, and i stand proudly and firmly behind my decision.

I don’t agree with censorship in principle. In fact, I’m not even sure you could class this as censorship, but whatever it is, I did it, and I am not ashamed.

Here’s the story:

I am not, nor have I ever been, one to judge others for their actions, proclivities, likes, dislikes, fetishes and so on. When reading a blog, I am of the considered opinion “if I don’t like it, for whatever reason, I leave and I do not return.”

Yesterday a new reader commented on this blog. A perfectly pleasant and sweet comment. Naturally, I published it, and then went to visit this person’s blog, as is my wont in such a situation. When I saw the blog I was appalled and disgusted at the content. It was a revolting and disgusting blog, concerned with a subject that would repulse and repel the vast majority of you.

It was a blog about raping women. For fun.

I don’t know whether this person is being truthful or accurate in his posts. The stories seemed unreal and born of twisted and immature fantasy. For all i know it could be complete nonsense.

I don’t give a flying fuck either way.

While I do not generally delete non-spam comments, I still reserve the right to remove anything that comes from a source which I find intolerable. Comments serve as a form of promotion, and I have no wish to promote such a person, nor such a blog. Not here, not in my sanctuary. Not ever.

I do believe in the right to freedom of expression, and as such I am not badgering Blogger to remove this reprehensible piece of shit from their service. Nor am i taking any action other than venting my own feelings in my own space. I am entitled here, much as he is there, to say what i like.

However, freedom of expression still must be tempered with responsibility. Venues for degrading, offensive and hurtful behavior should be marginalized at the very least, and excluded most generally. And i do not necessarily include adult sites or sites overtly sexual in nature in this description. That’s my personal understanding.

I therefore do not wish to generate traffic to this person’s blog, or generate undue publicity for this blogger, and as such will not repeat the blogger’s ID, or the blog address or blog title.

But I do have a message for the blogger in question. You know who you are, please read and digest the following:

If you are reading here now, please leave. I don’t want your custom, I don’t want your comments, and I don’t want you here. I am telling you politely but firmly.

Go away.

You are not welcome.

As for the rest of you, my lovely Minxes and Manxes, watch this space. New and more revealing post to be appearing shortly.


22 Responses to “Canker removed”

  1. hypnodog Says:

    Is he fat and can i throw him in the river?? Pretty please, you never let me have any fun..

  2. The Menace Within Says:

    You did NOT censor this person..Some things just ain’t right in the course of life. This is one…Hell, I’ll help hynodog even if he isn’t fat!

  3. I applaud your decision.

    In the world of restaurants: no shoes, no shirt, no service.

    In the world of free expression: no basic human decency, no worthy human values, no validation by means of an audience.

    Tolerance of an opposing view is only customary in the context of common reverence for humanity.

    Anyone who advocates degrading behavior against another individual must be censored, shunned and ostracized, or we are equally culpable of the same outlook.

    History is replete with examples of entire nations and cultures that have been tragically negligent in taking a strong moral stand against such appalling degradations.

    Some times censorship is necessary.

    Your blog is not a commercial enterprise, and you owe nothing to your audience except your own high standards.

    Keep your standards high.

  4. Madame X Says:

    You go Ms Minxie!!!

  5. Late Starter Says:

    You aren’t the only blogger that this vermin has pestered. A friend found him commenting on her site and clearly seeking to make contact. I checked his blog for her and found it juvenile, obnoxious and utterly repellent. On advice she has also deleted his comments.

    Let’s be clear – censorship is the wrong word to use when describing the deletion of offensive comment and a refusal to tolerate another’s bragging about non-consensual criminal behaviour.

    Well done for standing up to this desperately upleasant piece of filth!

  6. Ewwww…I have a desperate desire to wash my hands now….

    Agree with every syllable you utter, but then, what is new?


  7. ArtfulDodger Says:

    Holiday said it well above, but it bears repeating, this is your world here and you make the rules. If someone comes into my home they have to abide by my rules or they are not welcome. The same is true here in this world. You want me to take my shoes off when I visit, that’s ok. You are the one who decides who you invite into your home.

  8. Strumpet Says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen this dickfuck around.

    I believe him to be lifting material from weird porn sites. And, I also believe he is probably a bit young in his years.

    I’ve only gone to his site once out of sheer curiousity after seeing his comments on a blog that I read daily.

    Just as you were, my dear Minxy, I was completely disgusted.

    And, believe you me…I’m into a LOT of fucked-up shit. But, this cat…ain’t got a motherfuckin’ clue.

    All I can say is…if that’s what he’s into he better be careful.

    Cos you know what, shitcake?

    I rape back.

    You go on with your bad self, my love. Tell it like it is.

  9. Tara's World Says:

    I just started reading you and I am so glad I did, I really applaude what you did.

  10. Tara's World Says:

    I just started reading you and I am so glad I did, I really applaude what you did.

  11. I also applaud you for your decision. I bet the dumb ass can’t even get it up.

  12. I agree with the above comments, you shouldn’t worry that you went against what you believe. You did what was right, to encourage someone to revel in illegal and distasteful acts is worst than deleting his comment.

  13. Lovely Minx,

    What you did is not censorship, it is sensebility. While Freedom of Speech is a precious thing, this person (for lack of a better polite term) is obviously unbalanced or just pretending to be. Regardless, posting about committing Rape is disgusting and intolerable.

    Good on you for deleting him. I probably would have been tempted to be much less polite than you were. Can’t stand people who think that forcibly dominating someone else is cool.

  14. Honey!!!

    he was at my blog too! I was wondering at the name.. Thinking it could not be real.. Then I happened upon the blog of this miscreant and was also appalled..

    I believe a banning is in order for me also..

    Good stand..

    * kisses and Hugs*!!!

  15. AlwaysArousedGirl Says:

    Yes, I’ve been deleting his comments too, no matter how innocuous they might be.

    I’m not going to have my site used as an ad for his site.

    You did the right thing.


  16. Green Eyes Says:

    Well said, Minxie!

  17. It’s frightening what people will do under the guise of anonymity. What they will reveal of themselves. I just had the worst encounter when I accidently hit upon the blog of a man claiming to be a pedophile. I was so disgusted, ill at my stomach, yet I believed it must surely be a sick joke… only to find that the blog was true and the man has now been arrested. He has hundreds of comments there now saying that they hope he fries for what he has done.

    It’s a sick world out there Minx and no one can blame you for refusing to be a part of it.

    Looking forward to getting back to the revelation. We love your writing. A great inspiration.


  18. Deadly Female Says:

    Love you, Minxy xx

  19. The Corporal Says:


    Send me the link by email. Please, and ThankYou…

  20. FilthyRottenAngel Says:

    Go for it Minx, sometimes you have to shut the monsters up.

  21. You did the right thing.

  22. that asswipe can still have his blog and his freedom of expression.

    this is your blog, so i would say you did not practice censorship, you practiced editing. good for you.

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