Tag team # 1

I was tagged by the Corporal and ~S~… separately. A two-pronged attack. They got me, they really, really got me.

~S~ wants me to tell you all five weird or interesting (or both) things about me. Okey dokey, sweetpea. Next time.

The Corp, bless his well-defined shoulders and cute little ass, wants me to tell you about 7 songs that I’m listening to at the moment that mean something special to me. Well, sure thing Corp.

1. At Seventeen — Janis Ian
Janis Ian wrote this song about me. Mark my words. She did. If you play the song backwards you can hear “Eeeeevil. Eeeeeeeeevil Minx.” On the album cover there’s even a tiny little inset shot of me, in all my Minxy regalia, walking barefoot across the road in St. John’s Wood. ‘Strue. OK, it’s not. But it could be. Except it couldn’t.

But it should be. Ahem.

2. Sadeness — Enigma
I love this song. Not that I understand the majority of the lyrics, but the music is just dreamy. And that bit that sounds like a woman panting and coming down after a multiple orgasm… just gets me every time. So fucking hot.

3. Sister Goldenhair — America
Naturally, I boast the golden hair of which the song sings. And i just love this song.

4. In My Life — The Beatles
I’ve loved this song since I first heard it, at the tender age of eight. It’s continued to grow on me throughout my life, meaning more and more to me as I grew older. It’s a thing of true beauty, and I’m quite sincere.

“But of all these friends and lovers,
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new”

5. You To Me Are Everything — The Real Thing
Quite simply the most sexy, gorgeous, funky, funny song ever. This song would endear me to you faster than a planeload of thumbtacks. Seriously.

6. She’s Got a New Spell — Billy Bragg
I love Billy Bragg (very few people over on the side of the pond frequented by the majority of my readership know of him, you’re missing out) and this is one of my favourites of his, by virtue of the following lines, which make me laugh every time I hear ’em:

“One minute she says
She’s gone to get the cat in
The next thing I know
She’s mumbling in Latin”

For all my Catholic (lapsed or otherwise) and church-going readers… no offence, but that makes me howl with laughter.

7. You’re My Home — Billy Joel
I have no words to equal those of the master, so I will leave the talking to him. Suffice it to say that right now in my life there is one to whom I would address this song, and mean every word.

When you look into my eyes
And you see the crazy gypsy in my soul
It always comes as a surprise
When I feel my withered roots begin to grow
Well I never had a place that I could call my very own
That’s all right, my love, ’cause you’re my home

When you touch my weary head
And you tell me everything will be all right
You say, “Use my body for your bed
And my love will keep you warm throughout the night”
Well I’ll never be a stranger and I’ll never be alone
Whenever we’re together, that’s my home

Home can be the Pennsylvania Turnpike
Indiana’s early morning dew
High up in the hills of California
Home is just another word for you

Well I never had a place that I could call my very own
That’s all right, my love, ’cause you’re my home
If I travel all my life
And I never get to stop and settle down
Long as I have you by my side
There’s a roof above and good walls all around
You’re my castle, you’re my cabin and my instant pleasuredome
I need you in my house ’cause you’re my home

* * *

Update, 9 hours later, when my brain engaged… Ooops.
I tag: Holiday of The Holiday Life, O of Eros, Logos, Vatum and Vixen of Licentia Vatum, Mermaid Girl, Priest of The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back and Survivor’s Guilt.


6 Responses to “Tag team # 1”

  1. 1. At Seventeen — Janis Ian
    I love this song also…I thought I recognized you on that album cover!!

    later luv,

  2. Sadness: Enigma.

    Love it. I also love the song “The Principles of Lust” by Engima

  3. Great taste Evil,
    “I saw two shooting stars last night
    I wished on them but they were only satellites. Is it wrong to wish on space hardware. I wish, I wish, I wish you’d care.”

  4. Evil Minx Says:

    Nina: great taste is a wonderful thing. Now we know of two things that we share — a love of this song, and catch-me-fuck-me boots!

    Amal: I know, i was torn as to which one to post. The post-orgasmic moaning did it though… well, you know how it is.

    Lady L: “I loved the words you wrote to me, but that was bloody yesterday, i can’t survive on what you send, every time you need a friend…” Of course, in your case, this is total crap. I’m very happy with what you send me!

    La Minxxxxxxxxx

  5. FilthyRottenAngel Says:

    Awesome list, MinxXx. I just realised that I’ve no contact information on you since my gmail account went static.
    So, boo… I know you’ve sent it to me however… nogame. boo.

  6. The Corporal Says:

    A two pronged attack? No baby. Just one prong. A big one, too…

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