Airborne and evil… Part II

Continued from here…

He stood, allowing me to move past him into his row of empty seats. His row had four seats, which was plenty of space for two to snuggle up together, which we did. My head nestled into his chest, feeling his jutting collarbone beneath my cheek.

I love collarbones… I’m just wired that way. Odd, but true.

He put his arm around me as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Which it was, of course. As I said, in the air, everything takes on a different reality. Especially sexual attraction: it’s a whole new ball game (no pun intended).

The movie started, and the lights dimmed. Being the precocious and forward brazen hussy of a Minx that I was back then (and am again now, heh), I took this dimly-lit opportunity to pull the blanket over us both, and as I did so, slip my hand under his longsleeved tee-shirt, and run it over his chest. Smooth, muscular, hairless… and his nipples already hard enough to cut glass. A small sigh escaped his lips, as he shifted positions next to me so that he was holding me even closer, and his hand was on my breast.

It was the defining moment; the calm before a storm of passion. You all know it, you’ve felt it. The rush of anticipation. Exhaling short gasps of breath. Almost not daring to catch another’s eye until that inevitable instant when you do… and you cannot tear your eyes away. You are poised on the precipice, and the longer you wait, the more the adrenaline flows.

I wriggled myself closer to him, so that my leg crossed his. I was wearing a long, drapy skirt that fluttered and settled around us as I moved, and only when it came to rest did I feel his hand, stroking my bare inner thigh, causing me to catch my breath and crane my neck to look at him. He gazed at me levelly, silently confirming that this was what I wanted. Almost imperceptibly I nodded my acquiescence, and I moved slightly so that I could match fire with fire.

My hand settled on his button fly. Very slowly — agonizingly so for him, tantalizingly so for me — I undid each button, feeling his already hard cock beneath the hard fabric; pulsating, throbbing and eager to escape. As I freed the final button, so I freed his cock; it sprang up excitedly, straight into the palm of my willing hand.

It felt incredible. So hard and yet so velvety soft. It jerked and danced in my palm until I held it tighter; attempting to calm and soothe it, and to redirect its energy into my hand. Delicately I ran my finger around the rim of the head, and I heard him moan audibly. I returned my hand to the bottom of his shaft, and dragged my fingernails up from the very base to the tip, and felt him shudder against me as he murmured my name into my hair.

I looked up at him, as he bent his head to mine and kissed me; long, deep, passionate and sexy. I was so turned on, his hand beneath my skirt was over my pantie-covered mound, and stroking and caressing me around it. It was almost more than I could bear; if he didn’t transcend the fabric and touch my naked flesh soon, I was certain I would implode. His finger then slipped underneath and into my slit, as he broke from the kiss and looked me in the eye.

“You’re so wet,” he whispered, in awe. In a swift move he grasped and tugged off my panties.

I was dumbfounded, but so aroused that all I could think of was what he planned to do next.

“Lie back,” he said quietly.

I looked at him to check he was serious. I knew that I was, but I wanted to be sure that we were on the same page. He seemed to sense this and repeated, reassuringly:

“Lie back. Don’t worry, I’ve checked. Everyone’s engrossed in the movie or asleep. No one can see us, and even if they can, we’re just cuddling together under blankets. There’s no law against that.”

He had a point. Although, in my pantieless state, I was fairly sure that “cuddling” would be the very least that was going on.

I lay back alongside him. He lay on his side, with one of his long legs outstretched, the other bent with the foot flat down on the seats. I lay down alongside him, barely breathing, excited beyond belief. He held me close to him, and covered me with the blanket, hiking my skirt up to my waist in the same move, and shucking his jeans down to his hips.

Lifting my leg over him, I guided his long hard cock into me carefully… each of us aware that this had to be as silent as possible in order to not attract unwanted attention. I felt him inside me, still growing harder. We lay as we were for a few seconds, savouring the feeling. I kissed him, and he kissed me back, and started to thrust very subtly inside me. My hips bucked back at him, as we moved in a mutual and steady rhythm.

He felt so good inside me, and our almost static positioning somehow caused him to hit my g-spot almost immediately. I felt my senses soar, and I gasped aloud without thinking. He immediately kissed me again, and wouldn’t move his mouth from mine.. smiling and hissing softly into it that if this was the only way to keep me quiet, he would be happy to oblige.

I slipped a hand into his jeans, and moved it round to the back, where I began to caress his ass… squeezing that soft, firm cheek; guiding him into me deeper and deeper. His mouth was on mine; though it occasionally strayed to my ears and neck; one hand paying homage to my breasts, the other in the small of my back, mirroring the actions of my hand on his buttock.

I could feel the continued assault on my g-spot and began to peak despite wanting to prolong my orgasm; I wanted to wait for him, and I wasn’t sure how close he was. I suddenly found that the waves of pleasure were too intense and powerful to hold back and began a long and shudderingly delicious climax, throwing my head back and biting my lip to keep from screaming aloud.

A mere few seconds into my prolonged and ecstatic orgasm, he whispered into my neck:

“Oh god… so good… oh god yes… ohhhhhh…!”

He climaxed then, tensing and stiffening against me. As we both exhaled and shallow-breathed, we lay entwined and pressed against each other for what seemed like hours.

“God, that was incredible,” he said to me. “Wow..!”

I blushed.

“You were lovely,” I said to him. “Thank you for that.”

“The pleasure was all mine,” he said. “Will you stay sitting with me for the rest of the flight?”

So I did. We sat, still entwined but less horizontal, for the remaining time airborne. Warm, affectionate — some of the best post-coital cuddling I’d ever experienced, before or since. And as I sat, murmuring sweet nothings in his ear and giggling quietly with him, feeling the stickiness still evident on my bare thighs, I had one recurrent thought, circling round and round my head.

I’d joined the mile high club. I couldn’t fucking believe it.

I had joined the MILE HIGH CLUB.

And loved every second of it.

And the Minx, as you now know her, was born.


10 Responses to “Airborne and evil… Part II”

  1. Forgive me father for I have minxed.

  2. Smoking! This is one of my all time fantasies. Really great description, I was with you every second.

  3. I love it!!

    And as for the collarbones…oh yeah…*licking lips suggestively*


  4. So glad to have you ‘ABOARD!’ (wink)…
    Being a member of this particular club, I so enjoyed reading about your induction.

    Take off is always a bit harrowing, but oh…once the landing gear comes out and you start your decent, wow.


  5. MrManicDepressive Says:

    Very hot and erotic. What a great way for Minxy to be born! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Madame X Says:

    What a lovely story!

    All I’ve gotten on a flight was a pcakage of stale peanuts.

  7. FilthyRottenAngel Says:

    You’re so addictive, Minx-ums.

  8. Well well. Now I’ll have something to think about when I look up in the sky!

    An airborne Minx!

  9. red velvet Says:

    very nice

  10. Sadly during deep regression therapy I found it was not you and I on the flight. However, you writing made me feel like it was.

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