Eat shit, Miss Chatty.

I had a lovely surprise the other day.

The Minxdom got reviewed by the lovely Vamp of Jane’s Guide.

You may have noticed my new bright and shiny flashing icon over there in the sidebar. *Minxy happy dance*

Here is the verdict of our trip through (decent, worthy, considered and well written) reviewdom.

This blog is the online journal of a woman in a (currently) unfulfilling marriage who talks about her life, fantasies, affairs, attempts at therapy, and erotic creations in a very engaging and emotional style. Her erotic writing is very hot (and frequently romantic), but I found that her very human and open discussion of her feelings about being involved in a difficult marriage and experiencing the tremendous highs and lows associated with affairs to be even more fascinating. – Vamp

* * *

I will explain the title of this post. Some of you may already know what happened to make me feel this way, and have been supportive enough to ignore the occurrence as the rantings of a repressed and pathetic attention-seeking hussy. (Her, not me. Oy vey!)

Something happened a few months ago that I completely ignored, on an “it’s better not to feed the trolls basis”. The Miss Chatty “review” site gave EOTOS a review that was basically a refusal to review, because I’d submitted more than once. Which I admit to, but since there is no notification or acknowledgement of receipt of submission for review, is, I think, particularly pathetic.

Miss Chatty is well-known as a bitchy site giving bitchy reviews. They do occasionally review with an open mind and with some sense of perspective, but from what I can tell, due to the fickle nature of their reviewers, if one of them got out of bed on the wrong side or missed the last doughnut in the kitchenette on the morning of a review, you’ve had it.

Anyway, they refused to review the Minxdom, but then proceeded to make bitchy and unpleasant comments about it in the comments section of the refusal post.

Most of the comments were so subjective and stupid, that it was laughable — and laugh was exactly what I did. One comment, however, stuck in my craw. I even remember the exact phrasing:

“Oo. Erotica. The [insert pathetic title] bitch loves erotica. Euw. Bad erotica. The [insert pathetic title] bitch hates bad erotica.”

I mostly managed to laugh this comment off also. After all, Minxy posts — of erotica, if I need to specify — had even then already been linked by Bacchus of Eros Blog, and Fleshbot. Both Sam Sugar and Sabrina had commented privately in a most complimentary fashion to me about the nature of my submissions to Sugasm (then Bloggasm). Viviane and Figleaf had seen fit to independently link to EOTOS (I was very flattered at that, btw…) as had many others.

These are all people with intelligence, wit, charm and good looks — obviously. (Heh.) But they all also represent other less ass-kissy qualities, and the opinion is widely held within the blogging community: worthwhile reading, high quality and that they all definitely know their shit when it comes to sex.

As I say, this helped me get past the initial “what the fuck??!” of my reaction.

But then I thought, okay. These particular review people are, in my opinion, utterly worthless. Their style is that of catty sadists to play in public, high school style (thanks Sabrina!) which I could forgive, had I not seen the disgraceful, moralistic and judgmental fuck-up of a guilt-trip that they — completely misguidedly and with scant possession of the facts — threw at Deadly Female. Once I saw that, I had no interest in hearing anything they had to say. I de-linked them then , and I have purposely not linked to them through this article. They have enough publicity to satisfy their over-inflated egos and respective sense of self-importance. If you really want to find them, google.

So I submitted EOTOS to Jane’s. A well respected and well written reviewer of sites associated with sex — blogs and otherwise. Known throughout the blogging community as such, and considered the “Which” (UK consumer quality assurance magazine) of sex site reviewers.

And the result is above. Bad erotica indeed. Eat shit, Miss Chatty. And bite me when you’re done.


11 Responses to “Eat shit, Miss Chatty.”

  1. Sabrina Morgan Says:

    You don’t see Miss Chatty & crew being covered by the Jane’s Guides or Fleshbots of non-erotic bitchiness, do you? 😉

    Ahh, sweet sweet revenge. Congrats! You earned it, babe.

  2. Let me add my thoughts to this Minx.

    The worthless cunts involved in the Miss Chatty operation aren’t worth this kind of rant. I wouldn’t pull my cock out for a wank at any of them. Any stupid cunt with a compy and keyboard can throw a blog up, and yes even get it hosted with their very own domain name, w00t! Damn, aren’t they special?! Let me rush over there to fawn over their fat Ring Ding eating asses. On second thought, maybe not.

    Hey, don’t mind me. I don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die…

    They seem to believe they’ve got the corner on being saccharine sarcastic ‘bitches’ with their cleverish put downs and semi-literate insults as if they’ve invented something new to do on the internet. Hate to ruin their bad hair days, but they’re not much more past mildy amusing for a few posts, then they turn outright boring. (yawn)

    Although the cunt does make one good point over there; people seem to visit that train wreck of a blog, and pay attention to them – and dare I say it, ask them to review blogs. Why I have no idea, but people look for validation in the strangest of places.

    They ‘almost’ remind me of the popular girls in high school who grew up to spread their ass cheeks in strip clubs for dollar bills, because they believed they were too important and pretty to study; but for that brief moment in time they thought themselves the all important element of the social circle. Now, the bitch can give me a lap dance.

    My point Minx, while I understand your rage and pride moment, you only recognize their pathetic existence and enable them to validate themselves by acknowledging them at all.

    I will also add a question; Do you blog for yourself, or for the approval of others? I congratulate you on being reviewed by Jane’s, but I am saddened that you would consider someone else’s opinion of your site above your own.

    The people who are your friends read you because they are your friends. I say, fuck everyone else.

  3. Don’t be sad, Jeff. I was interested to hear someone else’s opinion. I didn’t need it for validation, it was far more from a curiosity point of view than anything else.

    That said, in this:
    “you only recognize their pathetic existence and enable them to validate themselves by acknowledging them at all” You are correct, and i thought long and hard about saying anything. But ultimately, preceisly because my blog is my own, and my place to say what i wish, i decided to say what i was feeling. If nothing else, it got it off my (admittedly splendid) chest, where, rightly or wrongly, it had been festering.

    The only validation i seek with this blog is my own. Opinion is another matter.

    I sip the honey from your comment, as i know how warmly it was meant (to me at least), and i throw the sting as a fired dart at the ass of they-who-shall-never-again-be-mentioned.

    And Sabrina — you know it, girl! Love you lots…

    Much love

    La Minxxxxxxx

  4. Deadly Female Says:

    Love to you, Minx, my sweetie. And my apologies for not having been around much lately – you know how things have been *weak smile*

    They, amongst other things, suggested I get a divorce. Hope they don’t think I’m acting on their advice for one fraction of a second. Hope they never find themselves in an abusive marriage either.

    Sidetracked long enough now, much much love to you, enjoy the deserved kudos xx

  5. The Gnat's Trumpet Says:

    Congratulations. Of course, it isn’t a surprise and you deserve nothing less.

  6. The Gnat's Trumpet Says:

    Congratulations. Of course, it isn’t a surprise and you deserve nothing less.

  7. The Corporal Says:

    Gnat is right. You deserve much much more. Thats why I plan on FedExing myself to you, completely naked. It may be awhile though, I’m still looking for a box big enough.

    Congrats Minx. Someone should lick you all over.


    Savour it sweetie…savour it….


  9. Congrats lovely Minx.

    Who cares what the skanks over at Miss Chatty bitch site said. They don’t need to love you. We do love you and tell you so.

    Your site is fun, emotional, erotic and just plain good. :))

    Keep it up Minx, someone has to brighten our days and it may as well be you!

  10. Congratulations on your well-deserved endorsement from Jane.

    Regardless of genre, your exceptional writing simply improves with each new post.

    Every week you help raise the standard of quality in this community of writers, and I’m inspired to a higher level of achievement.

    I think this applies to other serious writers who follow your blog, and you do have many loyal fans and supporters.

    Of course I consider myself your number one fan, but others may advance their candidacy for this

    Now it’s time you set your sights on publication in a serious anthology of erotica.

  11. DF: Thank you my sweet. You never need to apologize to me, i know what’s up with you and i am delighted that you found time and energy to comment at all. Love you lots.

    GT: Thank you also. You have touched my Minxy heart. It doesn’t let you off the meme, though… that’s your punishment for serial cliffhanging…!

    Ah, the gorgeous sexy Corporal: Offer accepted. Behind the bike sheds at 2.00?

    Minerva: I am, my sweet, i really am.

    Amal: You flatter me — as you so often do — and i so appreciate it. Thank you so much.

    Holiday: You overwhelm me with your kind words. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    * * *

    I thank all of you collectively for your good wishes. Even the lurkers who read this post and nodded. (I’m not going to do a Sally Field, or thank my third-grade teacher, you can relax.)

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