Fantasy 1 (Part II)

Continued from here.

Martin stood, and took me in his arms, holding me close for a moment, before laying me on the bed. He followed suit immediately, lying next to me, cuddling up to me. I could feel his velvety hard cock, nestling happily into my thigh, as his lips kissed me over and over; my mouth, my neck, my ears and down to my shoulder.

I felt a warm mouth kiss my other shoulder, as Jack snuggled into the other side of me. Martin’s hand crept between my thighs as Jack’s caressed my breasts. I felt so wanted, so loved and so pampered… and I also wanted to show my appreciation. Each of my hands ventured out to the side, feeling their way until each encountered a hot, hard and velvety cock. Both men exhaled and sighed almost simultaneously, and very appreciatively, both increasing their activities.

Jack’s hand left my breast and in a slow languorous motion swept over me until it came to rest, first on my hip, softly burrowing underneath me until it found my crack. His deft and agile fingers stroked me, up and down, until they reached my anus and began to gently probe.

Martin’s hand covered my mound, his fingers reaching beneath and feeling inside my slit, teasing my clit until it was engorged and so, so ready. I gasped aloud at the combined sensations, relieved that I was lying down this time, since I knew that my legs did not have anything like the required strength to support me during this dual onslaught.

I could feel both sets of fingers moving within me, as I continued to stroke and tease their cocks, pannier-like at each side of me, both growing harder and more aroused with each touch. I curled both sets of my fingers downwards in a cluster formation, and starting at the shaft of each, brought my nails all the way up to its respective head… to rapturous sighs and moans of joy. In unison, while they whimpered, they each paid homage to the nearest breast, suckling and tonguing the aureole, nibbling and nipping the nipple, causing my the nerve endings on my G-spot to edge closer and closer to a firework display of orgasmic bliss…

It finally hit me, engulfed me and overwhelmed me. I felt myself catapulted into a realm of which I had no prior knowledge. The accumulated ministrations of Jack’s fingers in my anus and Martin’s in my pussy had combined to bring on a force nine-screaming banshee- earth shattering orgasm that literally shook me to my core. As I trembled and shuddered, the kissing and nuzzling of my neck and shoulders took on a new intense tenderness, and I could tangibly feel the love and affection with which I was so obviously surrounded.

And there I lay, a beautiful man on each side of me. Two beautiful horny men. Two beautiful horny and aroused men, each of whom I desperately wanted to pleasure.

I raised myself up on one elbow, and looked Martin in the eye. He can read my eyes better than anyone else on the planet, and immediately guessed what I had in mind. He sat up momentarily, and shifted his position so that his head was at the opposite end to where it had just been.

I shifted onto my side, away from Jack, but reaching back to hold on to him with my arm. I pulled him towards me, and together we guided his cock into me from behind, he having caught on pretty quickly where this was all going. Martin shuffled himself down towards me until my mouth was level with his cock, which I then willingly took in my open and waiting mouth.

Jack pushed into me from behind, holding my hips and bucking against me, our joint excitement growing as we found our mutual rhythm and ground against each other to its irrestistible cadence.

Simultaneously, I could feel Martin’s excitement grow in my mouth, as I teased and tickled his beautiful cock in my mouth… tonguing him; grazing my teeth up his shaft; sucking hard, and then releasing; biting down firmly but gently every once in a while… I knew I was driving him wild with desire and arousal — I have always been able to blow his mind, so to speak, but I felt on this occasion that I had surpassed myself. That somehow, on some level, he was feeling it with more intensity and clarity than usual.

I felt Jack stiffen into my back, as Martin’s balls rose against my chin, and I knew I was about to witness a dual orgasm; it occurred to me how fitting an end it was for an evening that had been so gorgeously and evenly divided, to have both men who had pleasured me so beautifully achieve release at the same time, and with such intensity. The idea was positively orgasmic in itself, and I could feel my fire rise empathetically within me once more.

With a groan and a shudder from Jack, and an “Oh my darling, I love you so much” from Martin, they both came … and came… and came…

Collapsed and exhausted, we lay there, panting and sated. Exhausted, exhilarated, and very very happy. A tumble of soft, intertwined limbs, still lying close, still caressing each other, still exhaling and retreating from the orgasmic abyss…

I smiled, utterly contented. I kissed Jack softly on the mouth, then turned to Martin and kissed him.

“I love you so much,” I told him. “This was absolutely wonderful, and you know how I loved it. How I’ll top this for your birthday this year I have no idea.”

He nibbled on my neck affectionately. “Don’t worry, baby,” he said. “Your presence is all the presents I need.”

Which explains why I love him as I do. With all my heart. And this man, my ultimate love, had created the ultimate fantasy for me.

Which you have just read.


11 Responses to “Fantasy 1 (Part II)”

  1. ArtfulDodger Says:

    oh baby, what can i say? got me all excited with nowhere to go! 🙂

  2. Lucky minx…lucky us…


  3. That was so absolutely and yummily wonderful to read (and to feel here and there throughout my body… damn that I told my lover I’d abstain from orgasms for a week!)…

    Thank you for sharing that. 🙂

  4. This is perhaps your best effort to date. The writing is top-notch and satisfying on more than one level.

    Jack is a lucky fellow. Yet Martin is exceptionally lucky, if you ask me.

    More, more, more.

  5. I had to read through the cracks of my fingers, fearing i may lose my spot in heaven! Oh well, if i don’t make it to heaven i will just have to run things in Hades!

    Keep this up and they will add “minx” to the definition of erotica.

  6. Your Minx Majesty,
    It is I who must bow before you now!
    Its early and I am getting ready to leave, J is sleeping so I thought I would stop by and now I just might have to crawl back into bed…

    Love ya babe

  7. This was very nice! But wait, what could his fantasy be?
    Again, very nice.

  8. Green Eyes Says:

    Wow! Well written too!

  9. MrManicDepressive Says:

    Ohhh, very sexy and very hot. Thanks for the morning hardon, beautiful.

  10. Made me feel all warm inside.

    Warm and sticky. 😛

    Thanks Minx.

  11. Lovely absolutely lovely.

    Thank you!

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