Fantasy 1 (Part I)

Surveying the scene, it looked like a bomb had hit it. A sex bomb… but you knew that was what I meant.

The tranquil peace and quiet of a Sunday morning was hushed and still… all-pervading, all enveloping. No church bell rang outside yet to shatter the calm. And there I stood, regarding the scene with both a cool head and a bleary eye. If the furniture in here could talk, it would be squawking in indignation at the way it had been pounded and bounced upon last night. A fun time had definitely been had by all.

I cast my mind back to the beginning of the previous evening’s events, when I’d arrived home to find my two favourite men, sitting and sharing a beer, as soft music played in the dimly lit living room. Martin, my husband, looked up, and upon seeing me, arose and walked over to greet me with a passionate embrace, as he always does. My best friend, Jack, lounged back in an easy chair, grinning his sweet smile and drinking his beer.

I love my husband with all my heart, not to mention my body, my soul and my mind. Never was there such a warm, affectionate, loving person with such a marked taste for sexual adventure. He is, as someone once said to me, the one in a million for me.

He kissed me, long and deeply passionately, and then pulled away, holding my face between his hands and looking deeply into my eyes.

“I’ve arranged a special surprise for you,” he said.

“Mmmm.” I replied. “Do elaborate, darling. I love surprises.”

“Well,” he said, his eyes never leaving mine, “consider the fantasy of which you have often spoken to me…”

I resisted the urge to giggle and remind him of his promise to bathe me in diamonds, as I saw something in his eyes that piqued my interest. The penny dropped, and my eyes grew wide with wonder.

“No. You didn’t..? You haven’t..? Really? You did? You have?”

“Yes,” he smiled that winning grin that never fails to make my toes curl. “As a belated birthday present, I will make your ultimate fantasy: two men pleasuring you simultaneously, a reality.”

* * *

Mere minutes later, I found myself in a hot, scented bathtub, that Martin had thoughtfully drawn for me. Candles surrounded the edge of the oversized tub, and I lay my head back on the side, as I felt the splash and thump of two bodies joining me in there.

Purposely I didn’t open my eyes until the splashing had stopped and the jumble of arms and legs, had resolved itself into the three bodies it originally was. A hand began to stroke my thigh, and another to massage my foot… and yet another to stroke my breast.

I was in heaven already, and yet I knew that this was only the beginning.

I leaned to my right, and kissed Martin on the lips; the kiss growing bolder and more passionate as it continued. We broke, and I looked him in the eye again… I never tired of admiring that crystal blue twinkle. They were two of his best assets, and he knew how to make them speak to me, with no need for words.

As if to show he felt excluded, Jack leaned over toward me, and kissed me softly. Jack and I had been friends for years, for longer than I’d known my husband. We’d had a fling a long long time ago, but that was dead and buried. I’d never made any secret of the fact that he was an attractive-looking man, but beyond that long-ago tryst, we’d only ever been fast friends. Kissing him was like a long-forgotten childhood snack — sweet, delectable and to be savoured on the tongue for as long as I could.

Martin took my other foot in his hands, dried it off with a handy towel, and brought it to his lips. He kissed my big toe, and licked it, kissing all along the row of toes and sucking them alternately. Jack broke from our kiss, only to move his lips onto my neck and along my shoulder. His hand snaked onto my breast again, caressing it, playing with the nipple until it was so hard it could cut glass, and then squeezing it… not too hard, but enough to make me squeal with delight.

Martin took one hand, as Jack took the other, and they both helped me to my feet and out of the bath. I was enfolded within a huge fluffy bath sheet, and towelled vigorously until I felt my skin tingling all over. Jack drew me to him, all wrapped up like a parcel, and slowly unwrapped me, kissing each piece of skin he uncovered.

I felt Martin kneel down behind me, and begin paying homage to my ass… he knew what it would do to me, and I whimpered with desire. Then Jack knelt in front of me and I felt my knees buckle as he began to caress my mound expertly with his fingers and his tongue.

“I… I can’t stand up..” I whispered, completely overwhelmed with sensation.

Martin stood, and took me in his arms, holding me close for a moment, before laying me on the bed.

To be continued

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10 Responses to “Fantasy 1 (Part I)”

  1. Too right, this has to be continued …

  2. To be continued??!?!?!

    Wow this was a wonderful appetizer!
    I can not wait for the main course and dessert!!!

  3. This very well written; no surprise.

    I hope to read more of this hedonistic threesome, especially about Jack’s role.

  4. Wow…Now this…this is WONDERFUL…

    *gets ringside seat, pack of beer and kettle crisps…*

  5. LaMinx,
    “Kissing him was like a long-forgotten childhood snack — sweet, delectable and to be savoured on the tongue for as long as I could.”
    And like that sweet snack, you are left wanting more…So come on girl,don’t make us wait too long.


  6. Delicious! Can’t wait for Part 2!

  7. My oh my Minx… I have this whole ‘Jungle Love’ thing going on now!

    Oh Eee Oh Eee Oh!

    Come on baby whatcha got? You wanna make love or what?

    Please don’t make me wait too long!

    A man can only take so much!

  8. the bare frame Says:

    goodness, such a way with words… and such lush imagery, flickering on the widescreen of the mind… i need popcorn for the next chapter… and maybe oxygen.


  9. Alex:
    It will be, sweetpea. Sit tight. Not long now — although, that’s not what I heard.. Ahem.

    Madame X:
    Why thank you kindly, your Madameness.. get ready to tuck in again very shortly.

    Holiday: said…
    Thank you, baby. Your wish is, as ever, my command. xx

    Awww. Kettle chips for me? Am i worthy of such a honour? *Thinks* Yeah — i think so. Heh. Lightly salted from Sainsbury’s Local — yes darling?

    Nina: said…
    Not long now, honey — keep your red satin Victoria’s Secrets on.. heh heh heh. (And it’s a CMFMB-wearing day in the Minxdom, wahey!)

    Lady L: said…
    My Lady! I bow before you. Very touched and honoured that you dropped by, and thank you so much for the sweet words. Not too long now, i promise.

    Easy tiger. Chill. All in good time. And no, I’m not going to make you wait too long… keep pounding them drums…

    So sweet of you to visit… lovely to see you — as always. Kick back and relax, it won’t be much longer.

    La Minxxxxxxxxx

  10. Beautifully crafted. Excuse me while I pop to the confession box for some holy relief.

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