Don’t give me that look. Those beautiful blue eyes, imploring, pleading, begging. I can’t stay. I wish I could. You know I can’t.

Oh alright; five more minutes.

Don’t do that. Don’t run your finger down my face so gently and under my chin. You know it’ll make me want to brush my lips to yours fleetingly, and then settle into a deeply passionate kiss.

Oh, well. If I must, I suppose I mmmmmmmm….

Don’t hold me close to you in that way.

Oh you know exactly what way I mean. Don’t be cute.

That way that lets me feel your heart against mine. That way that makes me just want to lean all the way into you, and be absorbed into you… and then lie next to you forever, closer than close, breathing in your very essence.


Don’t — definitely, don’t run your finger down my back like that. You make every nerve ending in my spine stand on end with desire. You send tingles of joy all over me. You send the last vestiges of innocent woman left in my psyche scurrying for the hills, and you know what that leads to…

Don’t kiss my neck like that… I’ll only find myself nibbling on yours… oh, god… not my breasts… no… not while you kiss my neck… no woman could resist a touch such as yours… certainly not while you caress my breasts and murmur sweet nothings into my neck… no fair… no fair… no…. no… no…. oh yes….

Don’t as-if-unintentionally-but-we-both-know-it’s-on-purpose hold the bulge of your hot hard cock against my thigh like that. There’s only so much a girl can resist. How do you expect me to restrain myself? How can I not reach down to stroke it, like a small and eager lapdog, feeling it bristle with joy as I do? Tell me, what do you want from me?

You see? I told you. I knew this would happen. Now I’m half-undressed and headed lips-first for your cock. Don’t. Don’t. I haven’t got time for this, I must go, there’s a meeting, I have to go, I’ll be late for my mmmmmmm…

Oh god… no… you can’t do that… I’ll never leave if you do that…

oh god… your tongue…. oh, your neck… oh, your teeth…. oh, my god.

oh…. oh…. my clit…. oh, oh your hands… oh, oh your lips… oh, oh ohhhh….

oh, my lips…. oh, your cock… oh, oh, your balls…

oh god… oh yes… yes…. yes…. YES.

Don’t… don’t…. don’t….

….ever stop.

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