You like…?

Take off my suede jacket, and lay it over the chair.

Look at me, take in what you see. Five foot seven inches in heels, blue jeans, snug black low-necked sweater, blonde, curvy… Smiling back at you.

You like?

Take my hand and draw me towards you. Encircle my waist and hold me close to you. Kiss me, and I’ll kiss you back.

Deep, sensual and passionate kisses.

One of my hands on your face, the other on your shoulder. Your arms about me, stroking my back. Our bodies pressed close together.

You like?

Break from the kiss momentarily, and pull my sweater over my head. Deftly unhook and remove the black lacy bra beneath. Take my breasts in your hands, in your mouth, softly caress them, adore them.

I’ll kiss you again. I’ll remove your sweater and pull myself close to you once more.

Unbutton my jeans, and pull them off me. Leave my boots on… Hook your thumbs into my panties, at my hips, and pull them down. Reveal my body to you, as you’ve dreamed of doing for so long.

I’ll now stand naked before you — apart from the boots. Of course. The famous, almost legendary brown leather cowboy boots. One hand on my hips, head slightly tilted, I’ll look at you, a hungry gleam in my eye.

You like?

Divest yourself of your remaining clothes; your pants, your loafers… no socks, no underwear.

I like.

In a bold and masterful move, take me in your arms. Hold my body close to yours. Move as if to place my hand on your cock, only to find that I’ve beaten you to it. I’ll massage and caress your balls, stroke your shaft, run my elegantly painted nails up to the ridge of your head — until you shiver with unequivocal delight.

With my other hand, I’ll stroke your body, tweaking and squeezing your nipples, stroking and playing with your ass.

I know what you like. I’ll do everything you like. If you like, I like.

Feel me, feel my thighs, feel my ass… Bring your hand back round and feel for my hot, wet cunt. Insert your fingers inside me to find them instantly drenched. Lean me back against a wall so that you can feel me better. I’ll like that, my knees will be going weak by then.

Drop down and pull me with you. Lay me horizontally — I’ll allow myself to be passive for you. (This time.) Kiss me all the way down my body, on my chin, down my throat, down and around my breasts, down my torso. Stroke my curvy body with your warm and tender hand all the while.

Arrive at the entrance to my apex and announce yourself tongue-first. I’ll quiver with unrepressed delight and anticipation. The fulfillment of a long-awaited promise.

You like?

Part my slit with your tongue. Delight in the softness of my skin, and the absence of pubic hair along the lower edges of my vulva. Worship my clit with your mouth. Lick my labia, make love to my entire cunt with your mouth. I’ll moan, and whimper. And writhe in ecstasy. And beg and plead for more.

“Oh god… oh yes… don’t stop… lick me there… oh… oh…. Oh yes.”

Lap at me like there’s no tomorrow. Lick me as if your life depended on it. Possess me with your tongue, own me with your mouth, adore my pussy with your soul.

I’ll express how I feel with true abandon; as your slut, your lover, your soulmate.

And when I peak — and you know it’s close now — I’ll cry out in joy, cry out my delight, cry out your name…

You like?

Of course you like.


17 Responses to “You like…?”

  1. How can one not like … ? Lovely … Love nakedness with the boots, vulnerable and powerful at the same time … Beautiful. – A

  2. Sabrina Morgan Says:

    I like. I definitely like.

    Leaving the boots on was a great touch- such a sexy image.

  3. My oh my Minx! You’ve certainly outdone yourself this time! Indeed so! I do hope you find your surrender in this.

    All my love,

  4. ArtfulDodger Says:

    Now who wouldn’t like that? And you can leave the boots on anytime baby! 😉

  5. ArtfulDodger Says:

    Now, who wouldn’t like some of that? I could sure use some right about now myself…

  6. ArtfulDodger Says:

    oops, y’know I think I may have just sent my message a couple of times there, sorry about that. been having weird computer issues all day today. 🙂

  7. So…dinner is out then huh?

  8. LaMinx, those ‘catch me,fuck me’ boots will do it everytime!! this was hot!
    “Oh god… oh yes… don’t stop… lick me there… oh… oh…. Oh yes.”
    Really hot!!

    love ya,

  9. La Minx:

    The answer is “yes.” You like?


  11. Evil Minx Says:

    Jeff: Outdone myself? Wow. Thank you honey, that’s a lovely thing to say. And you know i love you too — lots!

    ArtfulDodger: Awww. Thank you! I’ll remember that…

    Pursuit: Says who? I’ve not refused a dinner invitation yet. Certainly not from a man who knows his onions. Where are you taking me? The Cookhouse County Jail on a Wednesday for the pepper steak?

    Deadly: I still can’t publish your comment. Bloody typical! Please recomment so i can try again. Thanks!

    Nina: Heh heh heh. You are so my kind of gal pal. “Catch me fuck me boots”. Abso-fuckin-lutely!

    Love you too babe — lots!

    Holiday: I don’t know if it’s as blatant as you think it appears. But i appreciate the sentiment more than you know. Thank you so much…

    DH: LOL! I thought you might..

  12. Deadly Female Says:

    Trying again for you honey….

    I definitely like!!!

  13. I like very much.

    The engagement on so many levels. The way you express yourself.

    Delightfully decadent.

  14. DF: Thanks sweetpea — i was hoping you would.

    Geoffrey: Welcome, first of all. And thank you for such an articulate and comprehensive compliment. “Delightfully decadent” hey?

    I like.

  15. Philip Clark Says:

    Well, I like it all except the part where I had to take my socks off. My feet get cold.

  16. The Corporal Says:

    Maybe I like too much…

    Sue me.

  17. Curvaceous Dee Says:

    Oh. My. Ghod. That was incredibly hot (even though it did take me a week to catch up on my RSS feeds).

    I think I feel some Dee-time coming up …

    xx Dee

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