Exactly where I want you…

I want you…

…lying on a bed, as naked as the day you were born. Your hands loosely secured to each upper corner, your feet free. I am curled up by your side, kissing you softly yet deeply… I do not want you to be under any illusion as to how much I am attracted to you.

My hand is fondling your semi-erect cock, which is growing in girth and length as I stroke it. My other hand strokes your cheek in a gesture of loving affection… do you understand how much I care for you?

I softly break from the kiss, and shift, moving slowly down the length of your body. I too am naked, save a pair of brown embroidered cowboy boots that you have requested I do not remove. My tongue trails suggestively down your neck to your chest, where I indulge in some nipple foreplay: tracing… tweaking… gently biting…

You sigh, then moan, then eventually start praising Jesus, Mary and all the Saints.

I pause to lay my head against your stomach, and look up at you. I feel your soft skin beneath my cheek, and I sigh in pleasure. You crane your neck to lift your head, in order to see exactly what I’m up to. Our eyes meet — my soft brown gaze holding your crystal blue twinkle — and then I continue my journey ever downwards, kissing you as I go, delighting in the whimpering moans that escape your lips.

I reach your cock and watch it for a moment. Semi-erect is no longer the situation — it rears upwards hopefully, and I contemplate its beauty. Softly I enclose the head between my lips, licking it gently, and delicately grazing the rim with my teeth.

Bolder now, I take you further into my mouth, allowing you into my throat as far as I can. I suck hard for a couple of seconds, and release you, only to suck hard again right away. This garners more sighs of pleasure from you, and I feel myself grin with delight… I only ever want to please you. I recede back to the head, and tease it all around with my tongue and teeth.

Meanwhile, the devil finds work for my idle hands, directing them straight to your balls and your ass. In one hand I cradle and caress your balls, gently, carefully, lovingly and consummately. With the other I slip two fingers into my mouth, along with your cock, to wipe some of your flowing pre-cum onto them. I then reach down and stroke the crack of your ass… from the top and down… until I reach your anus, and gently tickle around the edge, fleetingly dipping in and out, deeper each time, until the whimpering becomes dangerously close to groans of exquisite agony.

All the while I have your cock in my mouth. I suck. I bite down on your shaft, gently… ever so gently. I tease you with my teeth. I lick you with my tongue. I taste and swallow your oozing pre-cum like it is the very nectar of life… and I love every drop. It’s like a repetetive poem, and you love every moment.

The hand cuddling and fondling your balls feels them rise upward sharply, and I know you’re near your peak. I feel your hands pulling on their restraints in your vain attempt to free them so you can touch me… you need to hold me when you come… you want that closeness, that joint delirium, that affectionate mutual caress… Somehow you succeed, which doesn’t surprise me, since I tied them very loosely for precisely this reason, and I feel your hands on my arms, my back, running your fingers through my hair, as you cry out my name in joy, and come, spurting and gushing into my open mouth, cum backsplashing onto you, which you know I’ll happily cleanse with my willing tongue.

Naked, sated, and very happy, we lie there, a tangled heap of soft limbs, exhaling slowly and shudderingly.

You pull me up towards you to kiss me… and I know…

I’m exactly where i want to be.


11 Responses to “Exactly where I want you…”

  1. You are too hot Minx! My monitor is melting babe…

  2. Exquisite. My whole computer just came!


  3. One for the men then? *grin*


  4. This is a three-alarm fire. I’d love to hear you read this out loud.

  5. Very very hot Minx

  6. Deadly Female Says:

    As ever, Minx, you have such a way with words xx

  7. This is exactly where I want to be also. This is exactly what I want Hanna to do to me … right now. Her mouth on my cock is pure heaven.

  8. yummy…


  9. Gosh, you seem quite forward. I haven’t even bought you a drink yet!

  10. FilthyRottenAngel Says:

    damn, Minx!
    just, hot damn!


  11. very hot

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