Stop Internet Censorship

If i may have your attention for a moment…

Please can i redirect you all briefly to here.

This site has been established as a result of several hack-attacks on members of the blogging community (some of them people who are very close to my minxy heart), and the withdrawal of at least one blog on the grounds of stalking and harrassment by some pathetic anonymous geek who doesn’t know when to fucking quit.

Myself and the other fine and talented bloggers listed on this site are proud to be associated with it. Please go and show your support — and, as always, tell ’em the Minx sent you.

Thus endeth the lesson. (But not the after-effects. Go check it out for your own good!)


3 Responses to “Stop Internet Censorship”

  1. Deadly Female Says:

    Thanks xx

  2. Minx,

    Thanks for the link, been there.

    Would love to get my hand on the little prat who is hacking into people’s lives like that. What a cowardly, pathetic little toad. What a spineless wimp. It takes true cowardice to attack anonymously.

    I hope you have not been attacked lovely Minx.

  3. Evil Minx Says:

    No — thank goodness, i’m safe. I practice many of the security recommendations listed at the site already, and i’m too memorily-challenged to ever remember a new password if i changed mine, so i never do. This actually helped me, this time, as those subject to attack all seemed to have changed their passwords recently.

    But aren’t you just the cutest thing for asking? Bless your heart…!

    Minxy xxxxxxx

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