Take the leap…

Fear not that daunting step
‘Fore which you hum and haw
Fear not the space that yawns ahead
Depth deceptive in its awe
Take heart, my sweet
Gather your strength
Step out into that abyss
Take the leap, my darling boy

Opportunity presents itself
Not often in this life
Grab onto it, and hold it firm
Do not let fear consume
Take heart, my dear
Take the leap
Go high, soar far
Arms open as you land
On gilded cloud

What use are chances wasted?
No purpose can they serve
Fearful avoidance

Causes only harm
Courage sought
Within your grasp
Take that leap
Take flight, soar far
Take the leap, my darling boy
Jump for life

Minxing poetic … thank you for your indulgence.

EM xxxx


5 Responses to “Take the leap…”

  1. Deadly Female Says:

    Indulgence? No. Privilege? Yes.

    Thank YOU, Minx xx

  2. I can only echo DF’s words…

  3. I really like this very much… finding my way here from DH. Do you mind if I link to you?

  4. La Minx:

    Very poetic, indeed. Who is the darling boy?

  5. Demon Queen Says:

    Came to steal your link.

    You are so delicious when you purrr poetry! Whisper some more into my ear you sexy sleek thing.

    Did I mention I’m panting?
    Oh yeah. I am.

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