Knowing me, knowing you…

There are those who judge people as they see them, for what their perception of the person is. The trouble is that so often our outer shell does not reflect our inner core. Not even slightly.

Someone said to me the other evening, “Who’d have thought that the innocent looking woman in your MSN profile picture was in fact the sexy Evil Minx?”

They had a point. And I’ve been giving it a lot of thought.

My outer core reflects a part of me that is as true as any other, but is static and finite; that I am a dedicated mother, wife and worker. All of which I am.

But it provides no clue as to the inner thoughts and feelings and desires and proclivities and loves and needs and turmoils and frustrations and everything else that exist in tandem, whirling around my brain.

If you saw me walking down the street, you wouldn’t think I was anything out of the ordinary. Well, OK, I might attract an appreciative glance at my chest area, or from behind. But that’s just because I have great tits and a nice ass… not because of who I am.

I hope.

My friends have some idea of who I am. They know that the outer shell is painted on, and very brittle. They know some of the passion that seethes beneath the surface, much of which I exhibit here.

You all know me better than they. And most of you have never met me, nor spoken to me out loud.

And even then, I am still capable of shocking you. If you don’t think so, trust me… I am, I can and I will.

This space is my sanctuary, where I can be entirely me. This is my real home. You help enable this by accepting me as I am and for who I am. For which, as I have said in these pages before, I thank you most sincerely.

Sit tight baby, and fasten your seat belt.

It’s going to be a minxaliciously bumpy ride.

La Minxxxx


14 Responses to “Knowing me, knowing you…”

  1. Deadly Female Says:

    *settles down in seat, fastens seatbelt and looks forward to the ride*

    Miss Minxy, I’m honoured you share yourself with us


  2. *sits next to DF, fastens seatbelt, breaks open gin and tonic, offers some to DF, and gets out the canapes…*

    It is we who are the lucky ones darling darling EM, to be able to enter your mind like this…


  3. bedroomdancer Says:

    I know what you mean. Here is a place where you can be free to let that part of you run totally free. It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it?

  4. Deadly, Min… My aim is to shock you two — the ultimate in unshockable.

    Actually, that’s horse manure. (But it amused me, so… fuck it.) My aim is to be as creative as i can, entertaining y’all as i go, while expressing my very deepest and hidden desires.

    Bedroomdancer — firstly, welcome! And yes, you’re completely right — the liberty to be as open and honest about my feelings, sexuality, and desires is almost as much of a turn on as anything.

    Well, not quite anything.


  5. Deadly Female Says:

    *takes gin and tonic gratefully from Minerva*

    thanks Min, I’ve a feeling we’re going to need this…in a good way, of course xx

  6. Perception is everything. Reality can go hang for the most part.

    My Grandfather used to be a big cribbage player. He always said that a good cribbage scorer would beat a good player 😉

    Personally I don’t think that anyone, even in the blog world can keep up the mask for too long. Dishonest bloggers, and there are some, loose their shiny veneer. It’s the honest ones (with nice tits and ass) who people return to.

    So I look forward to being shocked!

    Nice place you have here. Did you decorate yourself?

  7. Trouble in Shangri La Says:

    I love this post, it describes exactly how I feel about my blog. I wonder how many people in my daily life really know me on the inside. Very, very few would be the answer.

  8. FilthyRottenAngel Says:

    ~Sits with Deadly and Min, forgets top buckle in and throws her arms up in the air, cheering~

    Thank you MinxXx, for sharing your world with us… and letting those of us who DON’T know your outer shell into your inner sanctum. And now that I said something that was dancing on the edge of dirty, I’m going to giggle like a schoolgirl.

  9. The Corporal Says:

    Sit tight baby, and fasten your seat belt.

    It’s going to be a minxaliciously bumpy ride.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Oh Good. I’m buckled in and ready to rock.

  10. The Gnat's Trumpet Says:

    Happy Holidays, Minx!

    Although I don’t comment often, I’ve been keeping up and I’m looking forward to the upcoming shockery.

  11. The Gnat's Trumpet Says:

    Happy Holidays, Minx!

    Although I don’t comment often, I’ve been keeping up and I’m looking forward to the upcoming shockery.

  12. “great tits and a nice ass”….not exactly shocking, but none the less a very good start.

  13. Deadly Female Says:

    looks around and hands out more gin and tonic

    seems there’s going to be quite a party, Miss Minxy!!

  14. Sausage roll *wink* anyone?


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