Last thing at night…

A soft kiss for you, to send you off to bed.

My lips touch yours
Hesitant, fleeting
Brush down your cheek
Curled middle finger
You feel my warmth
Smell my cologne
Kissing me back
Tongue meeting tongue
Ardor increases
Intensifying, deeper
Passion abounds
Mouths pressed close
Bodies melding
Lips touching lips

I could kiss you forever….


5 Responses to “Last thing at night…”

  1. Minx,

    that was lovely.

  2. I want you.

  3. Too hot to handle…


  4. Deadly Female Says:

    oh Minxy Minx, you’re too damned good at this!

    There’s a Christmas present for you on my blog, it’s in the HNT post xx

  5. Have a great Christmas, Minxxx

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