Fuck it.

A collective “fuck it” to all and sundry. Not to you, gentle reader — heaven forefend, but to those who annoy me. And piss me off.

Trust me, you don’t want a pissed off Minx baying for your blood.

(Unless you’re a serial compulsive blood donor, that is. In which case, beware. And watch out for vampires.)

In particular to the pathetically puritanical web rings and blog communities who make “explicit sexual content” a no-no when joining. You know, the ones that were discussed in a recent post of mine. Yes, *them*.

Especially if, as in my case, said explicit sexual content is intermittent, and — let’s face it — high-level and classy when it does appear.

So, if you cast your collective eyes to your left, you will see all my new, fancy-shmancy buttons. Thanks for the encouragement, people, i wouldn’t have had the guts to defy authority without your input. Amazingly enough, I am, in fact, that much of a wet and wussy girl’s blouse.

I’m not sure if y’all are a good or bad influence. I’m fairly sure that i don’t give a monkey’s either way. Just don’t stop. Heeee!

Either way, it’s a done deal. And i’m happy with it.

So as i said: fuck it.



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