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Knowing me, knowing you…

Posted in minx with tags on December 27, 2005 by evilminx

There are those who judge people as they see them, for what their perception of the person is. The trouble is that so often our outer shell does not reflect our inner core. Not even slightly.

Someone said to me the other evening, “Who’d have thought that the innocent looking woman in your MSN profile picture was in fact the sexy Evil Minx?”

They had a point. And I’ve been giving it a lot of thought.

My outer core reflects a part of me that is as true as any other, but is static and finite; that I am a dedicated mother, wife and worker. All of which I am.

But it provides no clue as to the inner thoughts and feelings and desires and proclivities and loves and needs and turmoils and frustrations and everything else that exist in tandem, whirling around my brain.

If you saw me walking down the street, you wouldn’t think I was anything out of the ordinary. Well, OK, I might attract an appreciative glance at my chest area, or from behind. But that’s just because I have great tits and a nice ass… not because of who I am.

I hope.

My friends have some idea of who I am. They know that the outer shell is painted on, and very brittle. They know some of the passion that seethes beneath the surface, much of which I exhibit here.

You all know me better than they. And most of you have never met me, nor spoken to me out loud.

And even then, I am still capable of shocking you. If you don’t think so, trust me… I am, I can and I will.

This space is my sanctuary, where I can be entirely me. This is my real home. You help enable this by accepting me as I am and for who I am. For which, as I have said in these pages before, I thank you most sincerely.

Sit tight baby, and fasten your seat belt.

It’s going to be a minxaliciously bumpy ride.

La Minxxxx


‘Tis a season to give…

Posted in minx with tags on December 25, 2005 by evilminx

I mentioned this in my post the other day, but I’m concerned that it may have been missed.

Please go on over to O at Eros, Logos.

The holiday season happened upon her and dumped a metaphorical bucket of shit on her in the shape of a feckless wastrel of a roommate, causing her undue hassle and unnecessary stress.

If nothing else, please go show her support. If you can contribute, please do. And tell her that the Minx sent you.

Happy holidays, y’all.

‘Tis a season to give…

Posted in minx with tags on December 25, 2005 by evilminx

I mentioned this in my post the other day, but I’m concerned that it may have been missed.

Please go on over to O at Eros, Logos.

The holiday season happened upon her and dumped a metaphorical bucket of shit on her in the shape of a feckless wastrel of a roommate, causing her undue hassle and unnecessary stress.

If nothing else, please go show her support. If you can contribute, please do. And tell her that the Minx sent you.

Happy holidays, y’all.

The Rhythm of Love

Posted in minx with tags on December 25, 2005 by evilminx

All I can think of is you:

Licking my clit
Kissing my breasts
Stroking my ass
Fingering my ass
Pushing into me

Kissing me,
Our tongues playing
My mouth on your neck
You moaning my name
My lips on your shoulder
Gently nuzzling your collar bone.

And all the time,
You hard inside me
Your beautiful cock
Pumping into me
Fucking me
Worshipping me
Making love to me
Until I come,
and come,
And you come
and come,
And I scream
and you moan,
And we surrender
to each other.

Oh, my God…
You are incredible.

You’ll come to me, won’t you?

With me?
To me?

You want me, baby, don’t you?
You know I want you.
No one else … there’s no one else like me.
Not for you.

And you’re mine, all mine.


Baaaah, but no humbug.

Posted in minx with tags on December 23, 2005 by evilminx

Sheep-like, I join the hordes in wishing y’all a very Happy Holiday season.

I don’t normally ask for anything from Santa, that antisemitic old bastard, he never ever visited my house.

Well, I understand the reasons why now… but when I was a kid, it was a complete mystery, and added to my innate sense of self-persecution.

Anyway, this year I got a wonderful present, and it didn’t arrive under any kind of botanical or horticultural entity either. Actually, strictly speaking, I received two.

One is you all. Hey, knock it off with the mood music over there! I’m not being sentimental, I am being absolutely serious..

I’ve had a fucker of a year. I realized that there were serious flaws in my marriage, and while I found love (or so I thought) I also rediscovered hurt, pain, humiliation, rejection.. the list goes on and on.

That was the bad shit.

This is the good shit. (Maaaaaan, is it goooooood.)

Writing. Freedom of expression. Rediscovering my creativity, hidden under a rock for so many years. Erotica. Humour.

And you all. You’re amazing, all of you. You make it a pleasure to write. I can’t think of a higher compliment.

There are certain of you who require a more thorough mention. In no particular order:

Corporal Kickyourass
Deadly Female
War Cry Girl
Filthy Rotten Angel
Wendy the Cavewyfe
Desperate Husband
Koochie T
Gnat’s Trumpet
Buffy the Blogslayer (I am not worthy, I am not worthy)
Little Miss

Of those people, there are certain among them who have genuinely become close personal “offline” friends. Minerva, LingLing, Corporal, Holiday, Deadly… without you in my life, I fear I might consider it unworthy of the effort. I love you all, and hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

And that the close proximity of your relations doesn’t drive you to committing a felony or jumping lemming-like off a snow-encrusted roof…

The other gift is my gorgeous and inspirational muse. You bring me such joy, baby. WCS abounds. Thank you.

Happy holidays, y’all.

I almost forgot:

Please go on over to my good friend O. She’s been screwed over by her flatmate, just before the holidays, and i’m very concerned that she’ll end up sitting on the street, wrapped in a blanket, warming her hands on a candle. Please help her if you can. Tell her the Minx sent you.

Keep watching the space. Over here it’s pretty much business as usual, and I have some hot stuff to spice things up a little.

And I’m not talking mulled wine… ya know what I’m sayin’?

Sit tight y’all.


La Minxxxxxxxx

Last thing at night…

Posted in minx with tags on December 20, 2005 by evilminx

A soft kiss for you, to send you off to bed.

My lips touch yours
Hesitant, fleeting
Brush down your cheek
Curled middle finger
You feel my warmth
Smell my cologne
Kissing me back
Tongue meeting tongue
Ardor increases
Intensifying, deeper
Passion abounds
Mouths pressed close
Bodies melding
Lips touching lips

I could kiss you forever….


Posted in minx with tags on December 17, 2005 by evilminx

What happens when fantasy and reality collide? Does it always have to result in shattered illusion and misery?

Hell, no. Read on.

Tonight, my husband made sweet passionate love to me. As did another. Simultaneously. Except my husband was unaware of his presence, since a threesome involving two men and myself is not his idea of bliss.

But it’s definitely one of mine.

You should understand — in fact regular readers are well aware — that passion between CH and myself has been sorely lacking for a long time. Sex has resumed between us, and he feels the passion, certainly, but me? Less so.

I counter this by fantasizing. Tonight was simply the most successful of my attempts so far. Eros must have smiled upon me from above…

* * *

Pitch black. Two bodies, clinging to each other. Kissing, endless kissing.

My husband kisses me. I am kissing the other.

Warm caresses, soft stroking, arms, neck and back. I can almost smell his presence, earthy, musky, sexy… the soft scent of aftershave drifting lazily toward me. And my husband, his own special smell with which I’m so familiar.

Graduating from the vertical to the horizontal, we lay down on the bed. I embrace my husband, but can almost feel the other’s body spooning mine, his breath upon my neck, and his soft touch on my hip.

My husband whispers to me:
“I’m going to make you come, and come hard.”

I can almost hear the other:
“Not if I get there first.”

The dark aids me to blur the two. I can barely decipher what is real and what is fantasy, and I’m way past caring. All I can think about is putting an end to the torment that has plagued me all day, that fiery heat of desire simply begging to be quenched.

His hands run up my thighs, spreading them wide. Next thing I feel warm breath between them, and a lazy nibble on the soft flesh of my inner leg. I sigh in fevered anticipation.

Elsewhere, a mouth descends upon my soft, creamy breast, my nipple already standing to attention as a tongue gently caresses and sucks… softening its rock-like hardness only to bite, gently but firmly as my moans of desire increase.

The other (for I am certain that the erotic lightness of touch between my legs is he) runs his tongue along my slit, almost imperceptibly at first, but gradually with more pressure… until they part, and his tongue delves further. Tongue swirling within, he finds my apex and — to my amazement — pauses his rhythm to stop and kiss it gently. I’m so moved by such a sweet and tender act of affection that a tear springs to my eye, and I sigh with genuine pleasure. I’m sure I hear him whisper something, but it’s so faint that I cannot distinguish it above the moans of my husband.

Using his tongue he licks and caresses my hard rosebud of a clit, as it quivers involuntarily from the divine stimulation.

Hands are on my ass, stroking the crevice between them, gently probing further… very softly… very delicately..

Both nipples engorged with desire, mouths sucking, tongue lapping as I draw nearer to orgasm…

Higher and higher I soar, senses afire, the dervishes of my mind spinning wildly until I peak, and cry out a name — faint and indiscernible, but quite intentional.

As I descend from the heights of orgasmic bliss, I feel a myself be bodily caressed and then entered. This time there is no doubt as to the identity of my lover. This time I know it is the other.

A hard, beautiful cock pushes inside me, reaching deeper and deeper, satisfying my intense need for insertive stimulation. I cry out again — this time a wild animal cry of ecstasy — as I feel my vaginal muscles contract around it, settling into place, reacting to the feel of it with pleasure.

Harder and harder he pumps into me, as I whisperingly urge to continue.

“Don’t stop… oh god, yes… fuck me… harder… harder… yes. Yes… YES.”

His arousal already heightened by the spectacle of my own, we rock together with amazing synchronicity.

It’s good. So good. Damn good. I love that feeling.

And then, he comes… warm wet and gushing inside me… as I sigh with exhausted delight.

Only then does the other fade, as I turn over to sleep, still descending from the heights of passion attained. I can almost feel his soft kiss on the back of my neck, as I drift off into the black abyss of sleep, lying nakedly among the crumpled sheets that witnessed our passion.

Not our first time, but the most incredible. So far, that is.

Thank you, and good night.

Your Minxxxxxxxxxxxxx