A departure from my norm…

And I don’t mean Norm as in Norman. I mean ther (Copyright A. A. Milne) norm.

Well life is slowly but surely returning to its everyday pattern. CH and I are still in the throes of working shit out, and dealing with everything else in our hectic day-to-day lives. G and I are communicating as close friends. He happens to be on a business trip in a country not too far away from me this week, and for one insane hour it looked like I was going to be traveling to the same place for the same business-fuelled purpose. But no.

Don’t know whether to laugh or cry about that one.

I’m now off the Cloud of Sexual Fantasy (don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t last), brought back to earth with a bump by the devaluation of the TTLB ecosystem which has catapulted me back down from being a measly Slithering Reptile to an even more freakin’ measly Wiggly Worm.


And curse my need to be popular.

Oh well, shit happens. You might think that if I really wanted to, I’d do all the funky things that the Corporal and Crazy make the time to do, like Battle of the Blogs and BlogExplosion and what-have-you. Except, of course, I’m not *allowed* to play on BlogExplosion, or rent my blog or space to another much-deserving blog, because of “explicit sexual content” on this blog. Oh please. I write two fantasies in 6 months, and they get all puritanical on me. What a pile of steaming horse manure. Like the faces behind the code don’t troll the web for a literary piece of ass every once in a while. Ha!

Well fuck ’em and feed ’em to the fish. It’s their loss.

And it’s not just BlogExplosion. I could name and shame a bunch of lists and communities who are so fucking far up themselves that they wouldn’t know good writing if it jumped up and bit them on the balls.

And the funny thing is that the intelligent places (like Jane’s Guide) who might recommend my blog, ignore me because there’s not enough sexual content.

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here i am, stuck in the middle…

Hey, I have other shit going on. I can’t do fantasy and perviness 24*7. Sue me, what are you gonna do?

Sometimes, a cup of tea is the preferred option. It just is.

But I digress….

Like Minerva and Jeff, I could always play the blog stock market.

If I wasn’t discalculic, that is.

Yes! I have finally discovered that there is a reason why it is that my head swims whenever numbers or deeply technical issues are explained to me. I am by no means stupid, in fact I’m a highly intelligent human being. But I just don’t get numbers, never have. And never knew why. Until a friend (a special needs teacher of many years experience) suggested that discalculia (like dyslexia, except pertaining to numbers and sometimes high-level technical information) could well be the reason.

So if anyone has any ideas I could use on self-promotion from non-puritanical and blinkered blog communities, please let me know. This isn’t high school, and I do control my destiny.

Normal services will be resumed shortly.



UPDATED: Thursday December 01
I’m now a Crunchy Crustacean. Link to me people! You know I’ll make it worth your while…!


13 Responses to “A departure from my norm…”

  1. Crazy Like A Fox Says:

    WTF? BE won’t let you battle or rent space because of your content? Well, isn’t that some shit?

    I’ve seen blogs battling that have pictures of naked women and content far more explicit than what you write. And as far as renting space, shouldn’t it be up to the renter what kind of blog they want to rent from? Can’t they just slap a “Profanity” or “Adult” label on you and let the rest of us decide whether or not we want to read your blog?

    The whole thing smells like shit to me!

    Oh, I like your new look. Very minxy.

  2. Well firstly, thanks for the compliment, and am v. flattered that you like my look. *Preen*

    Secondly, it’s 100% true. I was inspired — by your blog and the Corporal’s no less — to join BE in order to rent me some space, or pimp EOTOS or something to garner me more traffic.

    And it’s in the rules of joining. You are not permitted to join up if you have explicit sexual content (including text) on your blog. Which i sometimes do.

    I have joined a Webring before, only to be knocked back because when they perused the blog (having already accepted me) they read a post that detailed my blow job technique. I didn’t care — like i said, it’s their loss — but it is aggravating that these idiots operate under such a blinkered, and probably hypocritical standard.


    (Not growling at you, Crazy, i still love you.)

  3. The Gnat's Trumpet Says:

    Wow, I’d love to be a wiggly worm or a crunchy crustacean. I’m just a multicellular microorganism you see. Contrived cliffhangers must not be all that popular, I guess.

    I like the new look too.

  4. The Gnat's Trumpet Says:

    Wow, I’d love to be a wiggly worm or a crunchy crustacean. I’m just a multicellular microorganism you see. Contrived cliffhangers must not be all that popular, I guess.

    I like the new look too.

  5. EM,

    As committed blog attention whores that we are, I too was GUTTED to relegated back from a ravishing rodent or whatever it was….

    We just have to start our own blog attention club, all link to one another and that way beat all other blogs…

    Whatcha think?

    Oh, and I have it on good authority that some other quite sexual blogs used to be on BE…..


  6. The Corporal Says:

    Well, baby, thanks for the two nipple salute. You know I love them.

    BlogExplosion won’t even let you join if you have a button on your site for a competing exchange service.

    Minx, I have seen worse people, with no class at all, whoring their shit at BE. Maybe they are afraid that EOTS will raise the bar a little bit.

    Fuck em… Or, in place of them, fuck me.

  7. Deadly Female Says:

    I’m confused – just what is a TTLB ecosystem???

  8. You should play blog shares, I play too. It’s incredibly geeky, but in that good warm fuzzy capatalist way.

  9. Crazy Like A Fox Says:

    I’m a lowly insect, so ha ha.

    Maybe if I link you twice you can move up.

  10. Minxy,

    Who cares what BE says or doesn’t say. Believe me, it is highly overrated. LOL. Love you look and it is definitely their loss not yours…

  11. Evil Minx Says:

    Aw, GT… thanks honey. And i like your cliffhangers… although they do drive me to the very brink of insanity. But i like it there, it’s where i do my best work.

    Minerva… was your old pal yOu-knOw-whO on BE? And I think you have the correct idea… Guys, everyone: let’s all link to each other… oh, wait. We already do. Bugger.

    Corporal Kissmyass-Literally (I just made you double-barrelled, honey… excited?) i have salutes to you going on all over my body. And you know i so would, if Mrs K wasn’t such a wonderful person and such an important part of your life.

    Maybe I’ll try signing up, and we’ll see what happens.

    Deadly — it’s theoretically a list of all the important bloggers in the blogosphere (who have the link code on their sites) and where they rank in terms of life form. Except that the rating is based, IIRC, on how many people link to you, but only if they have the code. So it’s all horribly subjective. Click on the TTLB link and go see.

    Rhoda, honey — i wish i could. I just can’t *get* the stock market, blog or otherwise. Maybe if someone would walk me through it. being very patient, i might get somewhere. Otherwise, I’m screwed.

    Link me, Crazy. Link me so often your nose bleeds. You know you want to…

    That goes for all of you, btw… And call me a blog whore. I don’t care!!! It’s that eternal recognition i’ve craved all my life. (Oh god, as soon as i move up a life form, i bet I start doing a Sally Field… how embarrassing… oh well, can’t be helped.)


  12. Evil Minx Says:

    Amal — i received your comment long after i posted my own. THat’s why your reply is separate.

    Thank you so much. That was such a lovely thing to say. Please keep coming here, i love it when you do!


  13. It’s a difficult balance when you maintain a blog which sometimes has sexual content, but isn’t a blog dedicated to erotica only. This is unfortunate because most people have narrow tastes, and are looking for only one type of content. I have dealt with these issues myself. I like to think of one’s blog as a true reflection of a whole person. Just like you Minx.

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