Alone in a strange room…

The past few days have gone by in a flurry of activity and organisation. You’re exhausted, yet you can’t sleep. Your mind is whirling – millions of insignificant yet strangely memorable details spinning around your head. You need to calm down, relax, chill out… but you don’t know how.

But I do.

I know you don’t normally sleep well in hotels, but I promise you that tonight, after this, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever. Lay back on the bed, and put all thoughts of work out of your head. Get comfortable, maybe remove some of your more restrictive items of clothing… i.e. all of them…

Now close your eyes.

I’m there next to you, and I begin to slowly run one finger up and down your arm. Just to let you know I’m there. I don’t want you fainting from the shock. Keep your eyes closed. You’ll enjoy this part more if it’s a mystery.

My fingernails trails softly down your arm and continue onto your leg — first one, and then the other. It’s giving you goosebumps, but in a very exciting way. The trail continues up your inner calf, and then your inner thigh, and back down the thigh and calf of the opposite leg. This is only the beginning, baby, think of this as an aperitif.

The next time the trail reaches the top of your thigh, my nails graze your balls… so soft and warm and tender. The touch makes them rise slightly, and your cock stiffens more than it has already, indicating your interest in the proceedings. A pleased sigh escapes my lips… I can’t help it, I love to pleasure you, and now I know I’m having the desired effect.

Still only using my hands, I turn my attention to the soft, shaven skin around your cock and balls, stroking so, so gently, placing tiny amounts of pressure in the places that most cry out for it, until the pre-cum starts to flow, and I lick my lips in anticipation.

I bend towards you, my tongue out and ready to lap it up and I softly lick the head, encircling the rim with my lips and teeth, gently grazing, not to hurt, you understand. Rather to tease and tantalize. And I know I’m being successful from your reactions, and the desire and pleasure on your face.

And I know you love it from the sigh that escapes your lips.

“Oh god, yes, baby… ohhhh…”

At this point, I remove my mouth from your very hard cock, and trail it up your body, over your chest, up your neck until I reach your lips and brush them softly with mine. You respond with passion, and I kiss you back… until I remove my lips from yours and move them back down your body.

This time I don’t go as far down as I was before. I stop at your nipples, and begin to tongue and caress them, biting them softly but firmly, licking them as they harden in my mouth, nuzzling them and the area around them as your moans of delight grow more audible.

While occupied with this, the lower half of my body moves into action. I straddle you, and bring my hips up over yours, gently swaying lower and lower until the tip of your cock grazes the soft wetness between my thighs. Slowly I move to and fro, letting your head glide across the slit of my cunt, feeling how warm and wet and inviting I am, but not remaining still long enough for you to enter me. You gasp with pleasure and I bite your nipples again one more time, before I stop swaying my hips and allow you to slide all the way into me, my lips landing on yours and kissing you passionately as I do.

You come back to life all at once, as the warmth of me around you stimulates you into action. We move together as one, the muscles within me squeezing and massaging you, the friction driving you wild and only increasing your desire. Together we each complete the other, we become one, we meld… we move faster and faster, the passion and feeling intensifying as we spiral upwards into bliss and then explode simultaneously in a rush of orgasm and joy.

You finally open your eyes and I can see how happy I’ve made you. You are ecstatic and breathless, satisfied and fulfilled.

You close your eyes again momentarily, only to open them and see that I’m no longer there. You are alone in the room, and there is no-one with you.

Was I a dream, or just your perfect fantasy? Will you ever know for sure?

Sleep well.


4 Responses to “Alone in a strange room…”

  1. “Erotic city come alive…”

  2. Deadly Female Says:


  3. Minx darling, love love love the new look. The posting… Mmmmhmmm…. all I can say is OH MY.

  4. *turning on shower taps*

    EM – do you MIND??!!
    I am trying to SLEEP here…*grin*

    You go girl..


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