Newsflash…es (plural)

Hey guys.

OK, it looks like moderation is back from its temporary exile. Fuck alone knows what happened there. How utterly bizarre.

Or, in the case of blogger, how utterly predictable. You choose.

Anyway, your Minx is taking off for about 10 days. I’m off to Blighty to (amongst other things) visit young Minerva and bring her lots of Minxy cheer. I won’t be able to be online as much as I would like, but I will make every effort to post while I’m gone.

But if I don’t, be nice, and keep visiting, my stat counter thrives on you…

While I’m away, I will be lurking and visiting y’all. And the lovely Lingling will be moderating my comments while my onlineness is so sporadic. So spammers, beware! You have been warned. She’ll send you away with a flea in your ear, and a boot up your ass.

Secondly, someone found my blog by searching for the phrase “Lick my pink vulva”. I’m speechless. I mean, it’s a good thing, I guess. But, I mean… Of all phrases. Honestly!

Thirdly – since while I’m away the Blog Thunderdome Judgment ban on the Corporal’s blog will be lifted, I am releasing the Corporal from his Minxiness. Much like an oversized and very bitey bunny, see him run off into the wild woods.

He has been a welcome and very well-behaved visitor, from his tidiness, to his cleanliness, to his adorable and highly pervy comments on the blog. We love him loads, and will have him anytime. Back, that is. Back here. To visit, to post, to cosy on up to the Minx – basically, he’s pretty much welcome to do whatever he wants…

So I’ll be seeing y’all soon. Take care, be well.

Always your



8 Responses to “Newsflash…es (plural)”

  1. please give Minerva hugs from me… πŸ™‚

    have a safe trip…so awesome that you get to go see her…and that she gets to have you by her side for a few days…


  2. Can’t wait….

  3. Deadly Female Says:

    Minx is coming to Blighty???? Oh wow, you’ll be in my homeland, Minxy one! Wave as you head past Derbyshire πŸ™‚

  4. You are SUCH A STAR!!
    You breezed into my house and cheered up my house, my heart, my head, my stomach and my mind… Thank you dearest minx for making me laugh, for making me cake, *grin*, for making me warm with just the sheer minxiness of you…

    When people talk about the evils of the internet, I know that it is all bull as two special people like us connected and have a wonderful friendship this way…

    Thank you so very much,

    *soup and cake in hand*


  5. The Corporal Says:

    Um… You said that I was welcome to do whatever I wanted?

    Is it horribly wrong that I have a list of things I’d like to do?

  6. Thanks Monkey. I did.

    Deadly, my old mucker – I AM here. Excited? We are breathing the same *freeze-the-bollocks-off-a-brass-monkey* air as i write..!

    Minerva, my darling, i only wish i could do more, be there for you more… It was, as always, great to see you, and you should realise that it did me as much good to see you as it did for you to see me. And now at least i can sleep easier, knowing that you have my tried and tested chicken soup to keep you warm, fed and feeling better. They don’t call it Jewish penicillin for nothing, y’know.

    Corporal, it would not only be horribly right, I’d say it was a necessity…

    Will post soon. Promise.

    Love and miss you all…


  7. I’m eagerly awaiting your return….

  8. Hi Minx… just stopped by to say Hello! And thanks for checking on me…

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