Welcome back…

Two of the coolest and sexiest men in my blog universe have almost simultaneously returned from retirement.

I’m SO excited! *Happy dance*

Please, everybody, give a nice warm hand on his entrance to the gorgeously buff and exceedingly well-hung and well-written db, bless his warm and loving heart, his rippling biceps and his very beautiful cock.

(Check out the site, if you don’t believe me. There’s a photo, and I presume it’s him. I could just melt all over that chest, and he has the best shoulders… Mmmm. Hubba!)

Next in the welcome line to have his *hand* shaken, and be handed a small canape and a glass of sparkling wine is the lovely and ridiculously horny SJR. I have no idea what this man looks like, but he writes like a man with shoulders and other appendages to rival db. Another excellent writer – I only hope that this time around he’ll actually finish the “Desk” series.

He used to write a lovely entertaining blog and then one day it upped and vanished into thin air. Gone! In a puff of smoke!

It saddened the Minx.

But now he’s back. And so is the blog.

I urge you all to go visit them both. And you might want to take a change of underwear with you.

And boys… just as a personal thank you for being in my life and entertaining me so, and being there for me when i needed you (especially db…), here’s a big, minxy, smoochy, sensual kiss, with just a feathery hint of warm soft tongue….



6 Responses to “Welcome back…”

  1. I saw that DB was back earlier today,I’m so glad I didn’t take my link down when he left. Yummy!

  2. Isn’t this exciting!!

    *rubbing hands together in gleeful anticipation of delicious naughtiness…potential eye candy and downright dirty stories*

    (one highly excitable)
    Mermaid Girl

  3. Aw Minx, you say and do the nicest things 😉

  4. The Venting Housewife Says:

    Mmmm I am a fan of DB’s as well…he is fantastic isn’t he. I will have to check out the other blog, thanks for the tips Minx.

  5. Well… i like to think of myself as performing a public service…


  6. The Venting Housewife Says:

    And a very good service at that *wink*

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