Early morning profundity

Sometimes, we can be there for people and they appreciate it, and show their appreciation.

This, of course, is not the reason for our initial contribution. We only ever want to help. We don’t do it for reward. I mean, if we did, (a) it would be a pretty poor showing of reward, and (b) it wouldn’t make us very good friends. Or nice people come to that.

I had the chance to be there for a good blogfriend this week, and I was delighted to have the opportunity.

She wrote and thanked me. Bless her.

She also showed that she trusted and valued me enough to share certain details with me. And it felt really good.

And then the strange thing happened. I replied back to her letter of thanks, and from god-only-knows-where came all this deep and meaningful stuff.

I was quite impressed.

Especially as it was only 8.00 a.m. my time.

So I thought I’d share my profundity with y’all — probably because it’s stuff I would have written here eventually anyway:

Sweetie, I wouldn’t have [been there for you] if I didn’t mean [to be].

And you’re very welcome!

Seriously, you just have to focus on what you think, and what you feel, and what you believe. There will be people who don’t agree with you – that’s fine IMHO. But the moment it goes from “That’s not what *I* would do” to “You are bad because of what you’re doing”… that’s when it becomes judgmental, and that’s when you have to switch off and ignore.

That asshole who called your life a [horrible nasty thing, which if I were specific about here could compromise her identity], for example – who the fuck are they to have any influence over how you think? They don’t even have the balls to give a name or site where their own flaws can be read and exposed. These are the kind of people who mean nothing, and should be ignored. (Or should have been drowned at birth – your choice!)

I know you know all this already. This is just something that I thought you might like to keep for those low moments when all you can see are nasty words, and you need a hug. In fact, that’s it – think of this mail as a cyber hug.

As for me – it’s easy for me to be supportive because I COMPLETELY understand. I mean, when I first read [what you had written on] your site, I hollered “Girlfriend!”. It meant a very great deal to know that the love and passion and sexiness that I felt for the man who wasn’t my husband weren’t peculiar to me, that other people knew what I was going through. All my life I had been brought up to believe that anyone who “cheated” on their spouse was “bad”. No-one ever mentioned the myriad reasons why it might happen. No-one ever said that it was possible to fall out of love with the person whom once you’d felt would be your partner for ever and ever. No-one ever mentioned that the warmth and affection and love that we crave is a normal craving, and without it, we are practically obliged to seek it elsewhere.

Put it this way, it’s not a black-and-white situation, having an affair. And I think that you and I (as well as many others across this ever-shrinking globe of ours) know this now, understand this and ourselves far better, and are probably better people within ourselves for it.

Your personal journey, that you have recorded so eloquently, has been awe-inspiring to say the least. You should be very proud of yourself, and not give a flying crap what these judgmental idiots think. Give a flying crap what I think, though, by all means!!!

All love, Minxxx


6 Responses to “Early morning profundity”

  1. You certainly know how to write….

    *in awe*


  2. Deadly Female Says:

    Minxxx, wonderfully expressed and sentiments that I wholeheartedly agree with…

  3. Evil Minx Says:


    Thanks girls.

    Am very touched by the compliments.

    *Blushing Minx*

  4. Brava Minx! Brava…I am as ever proud to know you and have you for a friend. You’d be scary as an enemy!

  5. nothing is better than a nonjudgmental friend. that’s when we know we’ve got a friend for life.


  6. Ah Minx,
    Who wouldn’t be anything but proud to number you among their nearest and dearest? Not only are you very lovely, you are also good hearted and above all amusing. 😛

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