Manx in the minxdom…

For the next 30 days, we will have a visitor in the Minxdom.

As you can see if you cast your sparkling eyes to your right, the wonderful and marvelous Corporal (aka 007) is doing me the honour of joining EOTOS as he amuses himself for the duration of his unfortunate Blog Thunderdome ban.

Which, frankly, I am delighted about. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, folks. 007, if you are unfamiliar with his work, is one of the finest writers in the blogosphere being simultaneously witty, sharp, astute, fun and always a joy to read.

Plus he’s also the creator of my gorgeous banner. Add creative and artistic to the above list.

A quick update as to the Minx herself, by the way. Once again I am completely indebted to you all, in particular those who braved the word verification and left a comment. In the previous post, more than any that have gone before (for some inexplicable reason), your comments helped me enormously. My outlook is much brighter and I really am feeling a lot more cheerful. Thanks y’all. What would I do without you?



6 Responses to “Manx in the minxdom…”

  1. We luv you,

    Nuff said…


  2. The Venting Housewife Says:

    I have stopped by here from 007’s page. He IM’d me and let me know that he would be here. Very sweet of you to offer your blog for our dearest 007.

  3. The Corporal Says:


    Who is that?

    But, it will be getting pretty Manxy in your Minxdom.

    Love ya Minx.

  4. Nah. Do that already. Not heavily, just am partial to the occasional tipple of diet cola heavily laced with scotch. (Not bourbon. I like that neat.)

    Corporal.. is your horse ass backwards, or are ya just pleased to see me???

    Venting housewife: lovely to have you here. Hope you’ll continue to visit when the Corporal leaves. And thank you. *Blush*

    Minerva – luv you too honey. You are, as always, a star.

    MWAH to all of you!


  5. Crazy Dan Says:

    I really like your header and that bullshit about the word verification. Spammer have to ruin everything, they really need to be shot.

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