A Minx After My… Um… Heart

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Before I start posting here regularly, I just wanted to pop in here and say a couple of little things.

The Minx has been an inspiration. Not just in life, but in spirit. A Queen. A mother. A Hero. A beautiful friend. She’s been through a lot of crap, and rose through it all. (I suppose if you lazy bastards read the banner, you’d know that already.)

In spite of everything she has going on, she still finds the time to be there for her friends. For support, a shoulder to cry on, and sometimes, even to pass you a Kleenex when you are crying so hard that a little booger is trying to drip out of your nose.

You HAVE to love a woman like that. I figured I’d married the only woman in the world who could be so caring and so damn special. But then, I met the Minx. And, she runs a very close second to Mrs. Kickyourass. (Mustn’t forget her, lest my ass be kicked.)

I Love You Minx. In fact, everyone who comes here loves you. (Or, they better…)

It is my absolute honour to have the privilege of posting here. So, readers of Curbed Enthusiasm, sit back and get your dose of anxiety and rage. Then, flip through the pages of Minxdom for romance, heartbreak, betrayal, and beauty.

(I can’t believe I just said all those mushy things. But, when you’re talking about The Minx, not much else comes to mind.) (Well, some impure thoughts. But, we won’t talk about those just now.)


15 Responses to “A Minx After My… Um… Heart”

  1. You know, I thought I had visited here before, but it doesn’t look familiar. But I will visit often. Even when The Corporal goes back home.

  2. Awww, Junniper… thank you. Very happy to have you here, with or without the Corporal.

    And while I’m on the subject of that lovely man… that post. That post! THAT POST!

    I am so touched. SO touched. And amazed. And delighted. And I’m still blushing, an hour or so plus later…

    Love you too, Corporal. Enjoy your stay.


  3. There’s a lot of love in here.

  4. Another Blog to add to my blogroll. Looking forward to the Corp’s posts and reading the rest of your blog.

    Let the fun commence.


  5. Crazy Dan Says:

    Why is it I always find the good blogs after they lose in the dome. Cant wait to see the rage.

  6. Deadly Female Says:

    looking forward to this

  7. Ahh, a guest blogger, nice. Will be here to see his work.
    Sorry for the absence for a while, Orchid and I have been very, very busy. Will be back regularly, I hope. In the mean time, I hope all is well Minx !
    Hugs – A

  8. Hello?
    This comment is for The Banned One. Geez, i get disconnected for a couple of days for misunderstandings due to Chinese language barriers and 007 has been banned for 30 days AND changed his name!!? I’m in shock. Can only blog pics, no news, until this shock settles. and who knows when that will happen. I guess i’m real happy Minx has let you blog here! will keep track. so keep us entertained!

  9. warcrygirl Says:

    Oooooo!!!! I can’t wait! *runs off to link Minx*

  10. Monkey's Human Says:

    Yeah! Three cheers for the Evil Minx. Looking forward to the next 30 days. I like the new look, Corporal.

  11. Monkey's Human Says:

    Yeah! Three cheers for the Evil Minx. Looking forward to the next 30 days. I like the new look, Corporal.

  12. captain_howdy_girl Says:

    Nice to see you kickass.
    I can’t say I understood the readme link though.

  13. Gorgeous…
    Two wonderful bloggers for the link of one…

    How good does this get?


  14. Super Show Says:

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  15. The Corporal Says:


    Another Thunderdome?

    I think not. One kick in the stones was enough for me. (Well, for now, anyway.)

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