Bizarre but true…

Well folks, I never thought it would happen, but it has.

Far from being dead and buried, it turns out that my marriage is on a whole new track.

CH has been making major changes in his attitude, behaviour, life… you name it, he’s changing it.

And, as a wise woman friend said to me this week, it looks like we have a chance at actually being happily married. Something that I truly don’t believe we ever were before.

Emergence thrives…

Something just snapped in me. Much as it did 6 months ago, when I realised that I didn’t know if I loved him any more.

And I cannot tell you how happy I am. CH is like a different person to how he’s been this last 7 years or so. It’s as if he shed a skin of tension and coldness, and has donned a new, soft garment of warmth, love and affection. I see new attractiveness in him, and we are working closely towards a complete overhaul of our relationship, eventually culminating in a total renewal of our sex life so that it exceeds all my precious expectations… (glass dildos notwithstanding).

Minx-people, I haven’t felt so happy and at peace in a very very long time. I feel my minxiosity expanding to new horizons.

*Happy dance*



8 Responses to “Bizarre but true…”

  1. Wendy the Cavewyfe Says:

    Cheers and kisses for both of you, my dear Minxy.

  2. Wow….
    I am so glad…and yet, speechless at the same time…

    You sound so peaceful and yet so strong too.. Bravo darling EM…bravo…


  3. Wow this is incredible news! *Happy Dance* I’m so happy for you sweet Minx.

  4. Beautiful words Minx, who could foresee, anticipate … not me, but always expect the unexpected and follow your intuition. Beautiful.
    (will reply to your mail soon, promise)

  5. Minxy love,
    Your emergence has been a beautiful and inspiring thing to behold, I am grateful to have you in my life.

    Who can tell ever, where we’ll wind up, when we start to move?

    This has been lovely, thank you.
    Love, O

  6. W. S. Cross Says:

    That’s wonderful news, it’s always dicey dealing with betrayal. Thank you for sharing your journey, I join O in saying it.

  7. Ya-Hoo! Also I ahve to mention that any post which gives me the warm fuzzies about being in love all over again AND mentions glass dildos is an absolute gem.

  8. EM. beleive me when I say I am truely happy that you and CH are managing to find a new happiness. Just believe in yourself, your beauty, your sexiness, your sole and heart, and you will have the strength to make anything happen.

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