Ladies loose in Blog Thunderdome

Hey, Minx-people.

If you haven’t already checked out this weeks slightly tardy but none the less fascinating judgement and verdict on Blog Thunderdome, may I suggest you do?

Read it, and weep.

With joy, naturally.

If ever a thunderdome was minxworthy – this is it!

Enjoy, don’t say I never write anything to amuse you. And kudos to the ever-wonderful TJ and LingLing, alongside whom I am proud to stand.



7 Responses to “Ladies loose in Blog Thunderdome”

  1. zazzafooky Says:

    Hey! and thanks for the kudos!

    That last TH bout was a riot and it was a pleasure thrashing ’em 🙂

  2. Evil Minx Says:

    I know – wasn’t it just!!

  3. Damn that was fun. Jellowrestling begins at noon.

  4. you girls are ruthless…

    i just love it!


  5. Women on top – Don’t we just LOVE dominant women?
    Bravo Minx, TJ and Ling Ling….


  6. Minx, incredible review of Ink’s blog, “Minge” seriously. I’d rather spend an afternoon masturbating to nude pics of Tom Green than read an ‘erotic’ blog that refers to a cunt (what I love to call my own sex) as “Minge”. Great work. I’m linking you.

  7. Evil Minx Says:

    LingLing – you bring the Jello, I’ll bring the whipped cream. (Hey, add some sprinkles, and we got ourselves a part-ay!)

    Anne – yup – and don’t we know it!

    Minerva – dominant women rule the world. It’s just that the men haven’t noticed yet.

    Comadose, i agree with your comments, and i’m v. touched by your linkage. To be reciprocated..


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