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Ladies loose in Blog Thunderdome

Posted in minx with tags on August 18, 2005 by evilminx

Hey, Minx-people.

If you haven’t already checked out this weeks slightly tardy but none the less fascinating judgement and verdict on Blog Thunderdome, may I suggest you do?

Read it, and weep.

With joy, naturally.

If ever a thunderdome was minxworthy – this is it!

Enjoy, don’t say I never write anything to amuse you. And kudos to the ever-wonderful TJ and LingLing, alongside whom I am proud to stand.



Crushing Captain Paranoia

Posted in minx with tags on August 16, 2005 by evilminx

I cannot be alone in this.

(“In what?”, they shout as one voice.)

The fact that my shoulder has an Occupant.

Actually, the Occupant occupies either shoulder at any given time, dependent merely on whether I’m looking his way.

I’ve mentioned the Occupant before. My wonderful friend 007 commented here something to the effect that if everyone listened to the Occupant of their shoulder, no one would fall in love to begin with. And how right he was, bless him. But how persistent that Occupant is, to be sure.

I have written here often of my need and desire to regain and remain in control of my life. Of the wonder of loving and being loved, and the heartache when such love is unrequited in any way. However, circumstance is a funny and unpredictable thing. And no-one, no, not even LingLing dressed as Madame Zaza, can predict the future. We all have our hopes of what will happen, and our wishes, but there are never any guarantees.

So eventually it all comes down to trust.

And this is where the Occupant enters the picture. The Occupant takes trust and tosses it nonchalantly into the incinerator. And as the trust crumbles and collapses in on itself, so self-confidence deserts, sweet memories fade, and paranoia takes a nice strong hold of me – where once common sense reigned.

When my love is absent from his post, these things happen. When a promised message was unsent, I became a little unstuck. I’m ashamed to admit how I lost my control like this. I should be stronger. I should openly defy the Occupant. But sometimes– it’s just so hard…

Said message was sent, and inner peace was restored. Not because I can’t live without him, just that my faith had been regained. I am still bruised and battered, after all, although the scars have much faded.

I should have had more trust. I should have had more faith. I am working on it, I really am. But Rome wasn’t built in a day.

To close, I once more quote the fablious 007:

“Tell that whispering little fucker to step off your shoulder. And when he does… Crush him under your shoe. You’re above him now. “

Thanks, Mr. Bond. I guess you have a point.


Vote of thanks

Posted in minx with tags on August 6, 2005 by evilminx

In my younger days, as a green and wet-behind-the-ears Minxette, I used to do public speaking.

No, that does not mean yelling insults through a megaphone on the Eastbound platform of Baker Street tube station.

I mean the proper stuff. With a chair[person], speaker and (after the speech) the vote of thanks. I used to enter competitions and everything.

Well, I entered one once.

And our team won.

Anyway, it’s a crap segue, but I’d like to take this opportunity to thank a couple of people who have made (and continue to make) my life bearable. Not at the end of anything specific, I just felt that this particular vote of thanks was well overdue.

I have been truly fortunate in that through this blog, I have met people who are amazing people and true friends.

To LingLing and Minerva – my pals, my shoulders to cry on, my supporters, boosters in time of required boosting, helpers, minxes, amazing and intelligent women who inspire my admiration and love…

Then there are those who are unconditionally supportive, without realising how much they inspire me:

Mermaid Girl, who praises my courage without acknowledging her own.

Housewyfe Wendy, who emulates Minxiosity, not realising that she was born a Minx…

Crazy Like a Fox, who is the epitome of the strong, modern woman despite – or perhaps because – of the hardship she is currently surviving.

007, a true gentleman in every sense of the word, who knows how and when to praise and lift a Minx’s spirits, what to say to cheer a Minx, and how to make a Minx go all warm and fuzzy inside. I wish I lived in closer proximity to Canada, as I owe you so many hugs. It goes without saying that all this goes double for Mrs. 007. You two are part of an unbreakable and most admirable union that inspires my soul.

There are so many to whom I owe thanks… [Jx] for his friendship and for making me a part of his coven, O for her friendship and sisterhood within said coven, Laynie for her friendship and inspiring ideas for erotic literature…

Everyone who ever comments here, and even those who only lurk, shyly voyeuristic in the shadows, not sure whether to say anything or no…

I have said it many times, and it never seems to register. So this time, after a whole post dedicated to the wonders of blogfriendship, perhaps it will…

Thanks y’all. You make it real. And more importantly, you make it worthwhile.

Evil Minx xxxx

PS For those of you to whom it would seem that I have forgotten you… please comment and remind me, and then i can thank you personally that way…

PPS If ‘yousuckwang’ is out there and thinks he’s owed a thank you, he can also comment, and he’ll receive the proper thank you that i I perhaps should have given him the last time he commented. Stand back, ladies and gentlemen, Minx loose with Metaphorical Machete …