Minxa Culpa

Hey there, minx-people…

Yes… emerging once again from the darkness of obscurity and vacation… here she comes…

The Minx Returns…

I will shortly be posting the post for which you have all been waiting… but only Pink (bless her sexy little cotton submissive socks) had the moxie to ask for..

Note: The word shortly is here defined as: within the next day definitely but hopefully within the next couple of hours….

So this is just a taster to keep you ticking over.

Actually, I shouldn’t mislead you. The next post will probably start a topic that will continue for a while over several posts. So lots of juicy and minxalicious stuff to get your teeth into.

Either way, the wait is over. I’m not back from vacation yet, but I missed y’all so much that I cannot stay away any longer.

And just to prove that there is life worth emerging for, check out the upcoming Blog Thunderdome… guess who’s a guest judge in the Medium Large Phill vs Sick Sad World contest…? What can I tell you, people, the *Thing* of Minx is spreading its wings and its horizons. General muscle extenditure going on here, yes indeedy.

Be good, and contain your collective souls in patience. Not long now…



One Response to “Minxa Culpa”

  1. The Corporal Says:

    Glad your back!

    More comments on the other post for today…

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