A voice from the distance…

Hello minx-people…

Nothing wildly creative today… not enough time or space to concentrate…

Such are the trials and tribulations of a Minx staying at her folks’ place…

Just to say I’m still around, and checking out your blogs, slowly but surely.

And to see if anyone can help me fix this freakin’ template… grrrrrr.

Do let me know – comment if you can.

Love you all madly



5 Responses to “A voice from the distance…”

  1. Minerva Says:

    What is up with the template darling? And incidentally, still waiting for your call…
    *grinning back*


  2. I’m with Minerva… What’s up with the template?

  3. Evil Minx Says:

    If you can’t see what’s wrong with it, that gives me hope.

    The sidebar sinks to below the posts – all of ’em…

    I haven’t added anything too wide, and i just don’t understand it…

    Bizarre. 007, you know stuff about templates, judging by the sexy look of Curbed Enthusiasm… how can i best put this:



  4. Darling,
    It happens a lot in internet explorer and it is because some of the links referrers are too wide…If you go to my page, right click and go to view page source…copy my code for the referrers feed and replace your feed with it..and it will all be fine…
    That is how I sorted mine…


  5. Evil Minx Says:

    it’s sorted, thanks to the marvelous Minerva!

    Thank you sweetheart – what would i do without your emotional and tech support?!


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