Why Mr. Bond… thank you…

Just a quickie to thank 007 of Curbed Enthusiasm for the fablious banner.

Yes, Minx-people, the stunning banner you see above you was designed and executed by none other than the wonderful spy who loved LingLing hard.

And isn’t it great? It makes the site even better than it was. Which was pretty damn good if i say so myself…

So altogether now, a great big Minxing:

Thank you, Mr. Bond.

Just call me Minxypenny…


12 Responses to “Why Mr. Bond… thank you…”

  1. Minerva Says:


    Well done Mr Bond….

    Minerva – shaken and stirred…

  2. Thanks ;P
    I like the site. And you can’t call it stalking if the other person doesn’t mind it.
    (Shoulders comment)

    Be back soon, thanks for visiting.

  3. woman hiding within Says:

    Bondelicious Banner!! Hats off to 007.

    Very fitting for the Minx and her emergence!

  4. wow… I feel an epileptic seizure coming on…


  5. Definitely a compliment. And definitely more shoulder to come.

    I won’t tell if you don’t.

  6. Oh yes I did, you naughty minx you……

  7. Awesome banner…. great build… ah… the banner, that is…


  8. great banner minxy, lovin’ the new look

  9. Evil Minx Says:

    G… yes, naughty but nice… that’s me. And evil, lest we forget.

    David: why thank you!

    Brad: Purrrrrrrrr *preen* Gee, thanks, babe. I cannot thank young 007 enough for his efforts…


  10. LingLing Says:

    A fabulous banner, Mr Bond! And MinxyPenny…I love that. I also love that James is known as the Spy Who Loved me Hard, All Night. As he should be. The bitemarks are only now beginning to heal…

    Love it Minx. Looks brilliant.

  11. minxtress – fabulous banner!!! It rouses the manx in me!

  12. Evil Minx Says:

    Why, thank you kindly Lingalingalulu. If a comment from you graces my pages, I’m a happy Minxxx.

    And SJR, you supreme specimen of manxhood, you… The thought of you aroused… Whew. Hubba.

    Btw, Minx-people, the tiger in the banner? Self-portrait.



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